Meet Shlomi Natan Guzi, my Crazy Internet Stalker

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Update: oh yeah–this is one of his ISPs.  I’ll post the others shortly.

Shlomi Natan Guzi typically uses Chrome and WinVista.  

Here’s another:

                        *                                *                     * 

     I’ve already discussed my crazy internet stalker.  Last time I mentioned him on my blog, I threatened to expose him to the internet public if he didn’t stop contacting me.

      That scared him off for a few weeks…but Shlomi Natan Guzi, of Tel Aviv, Israel, is a compulsive fuckwit with no self-control: he started emailing me again a few days ago.  

      I told him to go away again and again.  I gave him over a half-dozen chances.  I just wanted his relentless, insane, pages-long, disturbed, idiotic, paranoid emails to stop.  

        I think Shlomi Natan Guzi is a masochist.  A real masochist.  I think that he craves to be destroyed.  

       Nate, Nate, Nate…grab your ankles, Nate.  

Displaying IMG_20131016_144030.jpg

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This is Shlomi Natan Guzi’s useless cock.  He sent me lots of cock shots.  I’m messing up the image until I know for sure that it doesn’t violate bloggers TOS.  Please email me if you would like a PDF or JPEG of Shlomi Natan Guzi’s worthless penis.  

Oh, he describes his idiotic penis thusly: So, it has come to this: Displaying myself like some piece of meat. Girth 5 1/2 X 7. If I was 6 feet tall, it would be at least 8 for my genetics. The curve makes it fill out every crevice, as if it was wider though.”   

Barf! Barf! Barf! Barf!  BARRRRRFFFFFF….!  I wouldn’t touch your penis if it was the last dick on earth, you crazy fucktard!

Shlomi Natan Guzi’s useless peen…more pics to follow! ALL OF HIS COCK SHOTS WILL BE ONLINE!

    This is Shlomi Natan Guzi’s drunkard father, who is a retired jeweler.  Nate was arrested for domestic assault on his dad, as you all will read in the emails I’m about to post online.  Nate, Nate, Nate…would your dad like having his image posted on the internet like this, Nate…?  Especially since you live in his household rent-free, you overgrown man-child? 

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This is Shlomi Natan Guzi’s cousin, Nicole.  She is a reflexologist living in NYC.  He says that her father is a slumlord, and owns property in Brooklyn.  I can’t vouch for that, but that’s what Nate says.

      Nate expresses his intention to marry her (Nicole) in several emails.  I’m sure she will love to read all about it (sarcasm).  Because what girl couldn’t do better than Shlomi Natan Guzi?

     Nicole, I must admit that I feel a little badly about posting your image on the internet.  Nate gave it to me.  I know you didn’t do any wrong by me.  Please email me if you read this and want it taken down. 

Displaying Reflexologist Cousin.jpg

This is Nate’s sister, with her children and his dad.  I decided not to show the childrens’ faces.  Nate says lots of unkind things about her and her ex-husband, as you are going to see….

     This is the invitation to some event Shlomi Natan Guzi claims to have recently attended.  I’m not quite sure how he could have done that, since he’s on parole and usually parolees can’t leave their country, but who knows.  Maybe it’s different in Israel.  

      Nate wanted me to meet him there in a hotel room, as you will all soon be reading…

      Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Hear that, Nate?  That’s the sound of me laughing.  For realz.  

      Meet you…in a hotel room….NOPE.  You got fired by a sex worker, Nate.  I’ve sessioned with half the dirtbags in New York, but I would not be in the same room with you if you paid me.  How does it feel to be fired by a sex worker, Nate…?  Never mind, don’t answer that!

     Oh, by the way, Nate, everyone at your bank is going to get a copy of your insane emails, too.  

      ….including Dagnija Seglina, whom he claims is the account manager at his bank.  

        His emails contain multiple references to his account manager.  He wants to have sex with her, even though she is married. You will read all about his bizarre fantasies shortly.  He sent me her photos.  Sorry to post your photos online, Dagny.  Email me, and I’ll take em down.

        Oh, she is getting all of your crazy e-mails, too.  I have her email address.  

        I shall be considerate, and send them to her in a zip file so they don’t clutter her email box.

        Nate, I like how you said that you acted as a tour guide for Dagny and her husband when they visited you….

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Dagny with Husband.  Nate really hates her husband.  Nate says he would like to physically assault her husband, as you will be reading allllll about shortly….

    Here is a cut-and-paste of some of Nate’s professional correspondence.  I have no fucking idea why he forwarded this to me, but then, I have no fucking idea why he’s emailed me hundreds of times, either, especially since I asked him repeatedly to stop doing so….

      Poor Rihards Struka.  He’s going to get all of Nate’s crazy emails, too.  Sorry, Herr Struka. 

Dear Shlomi,

It is important that the beneficiary recipient is you and beneficiary 
bank is Dukascopy Bank. If this is indicated correctly, we should 
receive it. Are you able to obtain swift message copy for this transfer? 
In this case we could try to track the money.

On 10/1/2013 11:26 AM, wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Dear Rihards,
> Here’s the deposit slip in hebrew, but it’s self-explanatory in
> that the amount was for 16,000 USD.
> Best regards,
> Shlomi Natan Guzi
> On Tue, 01 Oct 2013 11:13:23 +0300 “Rihards Struka”
> <> wrote:
>> Dear Shlomi Natan Guzi,
>>     Dagnija is out of the office, therefore I am writing you. We
>> haven’t received any funds in the past week from you. Could you
>> please provide a copy of the payment order?
>>     Best regards,
>>     Rihards Struka
>>     Account Manager
>>     Skype: rihardsstruka
>>     Tel.: + 41 22 799 48 59 (direct)
>>     Tel.: + 41 22 799 48 88 (office)
>>              Dukascopy Bank SA
>>              ICC, Route de Pre-Bois 20
>>              1215 Geneva 15
>>              Switzerland
>>                               tel: +41 (0) 22 799 4888
>>              fax: +41 (0) 22 799 4880
>>              DISCLAIMER

    Annnnd….I think that’s enough for now.  I have to work on getting the Tumblr and WordPress sites up so that I can post alllllll of Shlomi Natan Guzi’s emails online.  It’s going to take most of the night and allllll day tomorrow, I am sure….

      This is his last email to me, sent this morning.  It’s only a cut-and-paste, but you’ll all be able to download and distribute his emails in pdf and jpeg forms soon enough (and I know you can’t wait!).  

       Also, please keep in mind that I have no relationship with this person and have asked him repeatedly to stop contacting me.  He has repeatedly stated his intention to move into my apartment and be my sub…ha, ha…ha…ha

Why are you so tough on me? If you wanted me to stop emailing you, you would have said so 6 months ago or something, but no, you planned all of this, and it was your intention to destroy me and have some case build up. You want me to come over and be your sub for 3 months or what?  

I just got through the last meeting with my probation officer, and I can leave the country now, but due to the ACA act, I can only stay for less than three months. I have no criminal record in the states, and the domestic violence bullshit(I was defending myself, for I’d never attack a defenseless person) is my only claim to being a criminal. If you’re interested, just name your terms, otherwise go ahead and do what you intend to do. It’s your prerogative.

     Yes, Nate, it is, indeed, my prerogative. 

Let Me Tell You About My Crazy Internet Stalker

     I just want to say that I have a crazy internet stalker who has been emailing me 1-4 times a day for months.   He checks my blog obsessively and monitors my internet presence as best he can.  He uses an anonymous proxy and thinks that he’s invisible, but my software catches him and I see when he comes and goes.  I am not in the habit of monitoring 95% of my readers because there’s no point, but I do monitor this crazy fucktard.  

     Right now I’m engaged in a little standoff with this bastard.  I reached my breaking point when he announced his intention to move in with me.  He has quite a fantasy life, as the rest of you will see if he continues to harass me.  

     He lives overseas.  I have all of his ISPs and I know his operating system.  He has also sent me pictures of his house, his family, himself, and his useless, worthless cock.  

     I have consulted my attorney.  It cost me $150, so thanks for that, you crazy internet fucktard, but it was worth it.  His pathetic death threat is a crime and if he continues to antagonize me I am going to the police and the State Department.  He will be flagged at Customs when he tries to enter the country.

      If he continues stalking me, I am also going to publish every single one of his hundreds of email online.  I will set up a special blog for it, and a tumblr, and maybe even a WordPress.  It will take several days, but it will be a labor of love.  I will publish all of his crazy emails, and his photographs, and, best of all, the photos of his idiotic worthless cock.  His family portraits are going up, too, though I will be ethical and blurr the faces of his nieces and nephews.  He can have fun explaining that to his drunkard father, who had him arrested for domestic violence, and his clearly incompetent parole officer.  I say that she is incompetent because my crazy internet stalker obviously needs to be medicated and placed under supervision, or else returned to a cage.  Dangerous trash like him should not be released upon the public.  

      If my crazy internet stalker persists, I will also forward all of his emails, including his Klassy bathroom-shot selfies and his Klassy cock shots, to his account manager at the bank for which he works.  I have her full name, because my idiotic internet stalker told me.  My idiotic internet stalker can’t fucking shut up.  My fucktard internet stalker has blown up my email box with his deranged delusional fantasyland rantings for the last fucking time.  If I have to read his shit, everyone gets to read his shit, including his reflexologist cousin! Does his poor cousin know that he’s been spending her photos to strangers over the internet?  I guess we’ll find out! 

      My crazy, pathetic internet stalker really, really hates my Surgeon ex-boyfriend.  He is jealous of him–or, more accurately, he is jealous of me,  because he is very gender-confused, as all of you will learn if I have to publish his hundreds of pages of emails online.  I hold my crazy internet stalker in contempt, but I will warn him: if you find my Ex and bother him about me, you will regret it for the rest of your stupid, pointless life.  You won’t even know what hit you.  My Ex will not be intimidated by your rantings about aliens and what a badass you were in prison and all the other putrid, inferior thoughts you concoct in your disordered brain.  Life will get very, very expensive for you very, very fast. 

    My crazy internet stalker is obsessed with sex workers and reads our blogs.  If you are a blogging sex worker and read this, please let me know and I will give you the information about my crazy internet stalker so that you can identify him if and when he shows up in your email box.  

     Unless, of course, my stalker forces me to publish all of his shit online, in which case private correspondence from me will no longer be necessary.  

     P.S.  If my internet stalker tries to hack my computer, it will all be for naught: his emails and photos, including the ones of his Dad and his klassy cock shots, are all saved on an exterior hard drive.  For insurance.  

      Now get the hell away from me, you worthless prick, and consider yourself lucky that I was fair enough to warn you.