I’m Back (on a limited basis)!

This is just a quick blog post to let my 8 readers know that I’m still alive.  I am sober, physically healthy, and psychologically sound.  I feel pretty good, all in all.  Rehab is a huge drag, but I’m glad that I committed to it.

I’ve spent over three months sequestered from my job, family, relationships, and the Collector.  Now, -rather than returning to my life, I’m opting to re-introduce myself gradually. I want to do this right, and never have to do it again.  I am too old to waste any more of my life struggling with this.

I’m living in what is essentially a very structured sober-house environment with a few other women.  I hate having roommates, but I am not ready to be alone again yet and I am not in a position to make a decision about moving in with the Collector.

I have a crappy straight job whose only redeeming quality is that it provides routine and leaves me too tired to be upset, or disappointed with myself.  I volunteer at a shelter for women and children.  My goals this summer are pretty small: start writing again, get as physically fit as possible given my work schedule, and be patient with myself.

And stay sober, of course.  I don’t anticipate any problems with that–I’m on naltrexone, in intensive treatment, and am almost never alone.  I’ve also committed myself to the process.

I have much more to write, but I can’t do it now.  I WILL have internet access one or two days a week now, so I’ll be able to update this blog.  I’ve gone through my drafts and picked out a dozen decent ones from the archives that I intend to finish and publish starting next week–untold dungeon tales from NYC, reader mailbag, relationship stuff, book reviews.

I can also read and respond to comments.  I’ve just started reading the ones left for me since I went offline in February.  Thank you all for reading, and for all your thoughts, input, and support.  It really means a lot to me. Till next week!

17 thoughts on “I’m Back (on a limited basis)!”

  1. I am so pleased to have you back, released from rehab prison — healthy, strong, and ready to be a good subbie to your powerful, charming, successful, rich, sexy, wonderful master —- THE COLECTOR!
    May fabulous orgasms gush from your glorious pussy, you have earned a cateclysmic erotic high. Wallow please.

  2. Great you are out the other side of this – looking forward to new posts and your continued recovery

  3. Yay! Margo’s back! Glad to hear of your progress. Hoping for a continued recovery. As a friend of mine always said, “They say it’s a day at a time but you can’t fool me. Those days add up.” As bad as life can get, sober is always better than drunk.

  4. Relieved to know you were ok two months ago. Can we have another update?

    You hate to have roommates? Are the current ones lousy compared to the great ones you had before?

  5. Dear Miss Margot,

    It’s been too long. My fault. It’s not just you who has been busy, I had a rather eventful 2018 (so far) too. It’s called life.

    Doesn’t mean I didn’t think about you. I just didn’t type up the words. All the time in the world or so I thought. When has that ever been true? Honestly? I had many conflicting thought, most of them unfinished and I found myself unable to turn all that confusion and incoherence into even a half-decent comment. But hey, it was brilliant – or so I guess.

    Life’s like a diamond, in all its shiny facets. In your case the area that is currently being highlighted is your struggle. As I wrote before, I like a drink, but your attraction to alcohol is impossible for me to understand. So once again my apologies if I say something that offends you. Don’t worry, I have my own demons to fight. They’re pretty bad too, just like everyone’s else’s. It’s all part of life and that goes for everyone of us, no exceptions.

    Once upon a time I wrote about how your alcoholism will always be part of you. That’s ain’t good or bad, I merely wanted to highlight the fact. Above all, it’s OK! Fast forwards a couple of years and I like to add how I admire your strength and perseverance in fighting your demons. I often wondered if I would have the resolve you have in battling your demons. The strength to go into battle (again and again) is perhaps the biggest victory of all. Be proud. Despite that, no matter what, it cannot be easy. It never is when the devil plays its trump card. You always joke about your eight readers, but the majority of what you write has little to do with kink. Many posts deserve a larger audience, Google & censoring friends willing.

    I expressed my feelings about the collector in two lengthy comments – and got some flack for it. That’s good. Remember, I’m just one guy and his opinion. Keep in mind: opinions are not facts, they’re just opinions. I’m neither right nor wrong, it’s just how I feel.

    What struck me in your last couple of posts is your deep desire to have some alone time and reflect on the issues that matter to you. Obviously kink is an important one, but not nearly as important as love and it’s offspring. I really hope you had the time to think about the stuff you care most about.

    No matter what the future holds, I’m glad you’re back. Keep your head high and never surrender.

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