Folsom Street Fair! (vote for my costume!)

Hi, Readers…!

Ultimately, I decided to go as a French Maid.  All of the options had their unique charms (and I will definitely be Jeannie in a future Halloween party!), but I felt this one was truest to my submissive identity.

After all, I have performed labor for the men I have served in my life.  Such a great variety of tasks.   At times, I labored like a serf…which I was.

I have secured a 4-star hotel room and I’m going shopping at the Fair!

That is all.




Something new is happening this year: I’m going to be in San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair!

(Yeah, I know it has a majority-gay contingent, but tons of straight people attend, and I’m going to be one of them!)

I’ve always wanted to go to the Folsom Street Fair!

Now, I was wondering to myself: what should I wear…?  Usually, when I go to play parties or leather events, I go as a domme, or at least a not-obviously-aligned leathered-out (femme) woman, because single submissive women are creep magnets and I want to be with my friends or watch the demos and not fend off the Domly Dom Chester Molesters all night, you know…?

Buuut….this is the Folsom Street Fair, a huge public gathering, and most of the dudes who will be there will be GAY (meaning: safe)!  So I thought to myself that I could be totally authentic and attend as a slavegirl!


What are the FemSub archtypes…?  The nurse is an authority figure and I don’t like medical play anyway.  Catholic schoolgirl is perennially popular, but I’ve done so much of it at work that the fun is gone.  The nun is an authority figure and also….gross and too personal for me (Catholic school grad here).  Airline stewardess….?  Snooze!

I’ve narrowed it down to three contenders:


What’s not to like?  Put a ring on her and call her “wife!”  That’s what wives are: sex maids!  But this is a kinky, sexy, submissive sex maid!  I’d get a frilly petticoat to go under the skirt, and add a little apron and a pair of feminine white cotton gloves…and backseam stockings, of course!

french maid

Next: Little Red Riding Hood! (incidentally, that was Mr. Wolf’s nickname for me….because of my strawberry-blonde hair, and because I was wearing a scarlet pea-coat when we met).

Jung (Carl Jung, not Therapist Jung, lol) said that women are witches and men are wolves.  I think he was a crackpot, but he did have moments of insight, and this was one of them.

red riding hood


NEXT: Leia’s slavegirl outfit from Star Wars.  I could be a geek magnet, instead of a creep magnet!

lea slavegirl costume

So, what do you think…?  I’m really leaning towards French Maid (with delicate shackles on), but each outfit has its charms, lol.

Oh!  There is one more!  Genie, from I Dream of Genie…but that’s kinda racist/Orientalist and Edward Said would not approve and this IS San Francisco, they’d burn me at the fuckin stake….



I encourage all readers to weigh in, and help me pick an outfit, or suggest a new one!  You may do so anonymously, if you prefer!



10 thoughts on “Folsom Street Fair! (vote for my costume!)”

  1. I vote for the French Maid’s outfit accessorized to produce the suggestive effect of the Red Ridding Hood photo. For me, it would be the best of both concepts, especially with your strawberry-blond hair.

    The other two options are sort of played out, in my opinion.

  2. Of the choices, I guess the French Maid is the sexiest, if the most obvious. The Star Wars slave girl, I don’t know if I would even get it if I saw it. The movie was so long ago but the picture is pretty hot.

    Other possibilities would be a Geisha or maybe a Beer Hall/Octoberfest fraulein/waitress. And maybe even more bizarre: L’il Orphan Annie.


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