One of My First Ads….

One of my first sex work ads…I found it in my files while I was cleaning out this computer….


(Please keep in mind that while it sounds like I’m bragging, this is an AD.  I’m a terrible salesperson, but I have to write ads promoting myself)


My ancestors hail from a cold snow-blasted place, and I look it. I am a tall red-haired beauty with classic Northern European features, blue eyes, and excellent skin. 

Sadomasochism is the definitive aspect of my sexuality.  Perhaps because I practice it in my private life, I approach my sessions with uncommon enthusiasm and generosity of spirit.  My clients comment favorably about my graciousness, sexual and intellectual curiosity, technical expertise, and attention to detail.  I am not a harsh, bullying, “angry” type of domina.  I seldom raise my voice in session as I do not believe that I should have to scream to compel obedience.   My manner is controlling and firm, but ladylike.   Like a competent prison warden, I consider gross displays of brute force to be vulgar and a hallmark of amateurs.  I WILL control you, however, and I am very interested in understanding what makes you tick.  I intend to know you very well….

I am an excellent submissive and am happy to help you explore your dominant or sadistic fantasies.  As a Sub, I am well-trained in protocol, obedient, possessed of a high pain tolerance, and desirous of exceeding your expectations and demands. 

2 thoughts on “One of My First Ads….”

  1. Not bad. Some ad copy for Dommes is so bad it makes me cringe. I think that the best is just a list of activities, likes and dislikes. It is so hard to create a believable persona in an ad like this.


    1. Dude, some of the domme bios at the Studio were so bad that I felt embarrassed for them. I honestly wanted to offer to help them re-write them, but how do you do that without coming off as an asshole? Terrible writing. “I am sensual and sadistic.” HELLO, you are contradicting yourself!

      That said: writing ad copy is hard, and almost every sex worker I know hates it.

      What’s funny is that clients decide to book you based almost entirely on your photos. It boggles my mind, but that’s how guys choose.

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