(12) Evicted

      Heinrich told me that this place needed a makeover.  I spent a few days looking for inspiration in well-formatted Blogspot blogs and poking around on WordPress, wondering what I was going to do, when Blogger sent me an email notifying me that Blogger TOS have changed.  Starting March 23, Blogger will no longer host blogs with “Adult Content.”  Or, as the Blogger statement posted in the user help forums says: “Porn Is Going Away.”  (note the interesting choice of words there.  It’s not “We’re effectively shutting down porn blogs,” but “Porn is going away,” as if the porn grew wings and decided to fly away all of its own accord, and Blogger has nothing to do with it.)  

        I try to keep my blog rated R.  To my mind, it’s not even a sex blog, much less a porn blog.  I’ve posted two graphic sexual descriptions in three years.  I think that anyone who gets aroused by most of my scene descriptions probably needs to get their head examined.  

        Nevertheless, it is “Adult Content,” and Blogger doesn’t want it anymore.  

       I have to move the shop.  

       I’ll keep blogging here until the new site is live.  I want to get it set up nice before I invite company over, so I hired a professional to help me transfer the blog and set it up.  Otherwise, with my website-building skillz, the new place will be the WordPress equivalent of a cardboard box with duct tape all over it.  

2 thoughts on “(12) Evicted”

    1. Thank’s for the head’s up…I’m glad that Google reversed itself. I’ll still go forward with relocating this blog, though. I’ve committed to it financially, and this incident made me realize that my material is not safe here. It’s my content, but it’s Google’s property. It’s like the landlord changing the locks when you’re at work. They’re entitled, but no thank you.

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