Who Does Napa in February?

     Update:  I just talked with my friend Kate about our trip next weekend.  I really hope this works out, because the client sounds like a decent guy and probably a lot of fun, to boot.

       Check this out: one of his fantasies is to be tied up…and then ignored!!!  WHAT A DREAM CLIENT!  He wants to be mummified and then parked on the floor or in a chair while we talk on the phone, play on the internet, or get ready for dinner!

         It would be best, and more humiliating for me, if both of you did not acknowledge my presence in any way, he writes!     

    oh wackadoodles, how I have missed you!

                        *                         *                        *                   * 

     Yeah, yeah, I got your emails (of which the comment left by paltego is but one example) complaining about the sudden break in narrative.   What can I tell you.  I didn’t post the rest of the New York trip because I felt shy and because (I’ll be honest) I’m worried about what people will think…which is interesting, because usually I don’t care.  Especially on this blog, my little safe spot in the world!  I talk about all the dangerous, stupid, or crazy things I do (or think about doing) here.  In day to day life I present as an accomplished and well-rounded individual, but here, I let it alllllll hang out.

      That said, I have news:  I’m going to San Francisco and Napa next weekend.

       Naturally, there’s a catch…it’s a working vacation.   One of my domme friends has a client who wants to spend the weekend with her.  She’s never done overnights or extended sessions before, and she’s never been to California, and she doesn’t know this man particularly well…so, she’s apprehensive.  She says she’ll do it if she can bring a friend.  I’m out West now, so she asked me.  He’ll pay for my hotel accommodation and train tickets there, and hourly going rate if I do a doubles session with the two of them.  Otherwise, I’ll just be chaperoning. 

         What’s not to like…?  The guy sounds legit.  He already bought her plane tickets and gave her a 50% deposit.  His references to other dommes checked out.  What’s not to like?

       I finished my first week of teaching.  I’m back in the Humanities Department, teaching the first college class I ever taught.  It’s a bit of a trip.  Eight years later, better credentialed but no wiser, and life’s slapped most of the youth off my face.  

       I also outlined a plan…Margo’s Six-Month Plan.  I’m moving back to New York in the summer.  I’ll need another job to do it.  The Italians just aren’t paying me enough (hilariously, though: the local college pays its adjuncts more than TWICE what the schools in New York pay theirs).  Another job, and it might have to be a Secret job, because I want to be back in the East Village.

       I’m going to talk it over with Heinrich this afternoon.


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  1. It doesn’t really seem to me like you’re letting it alllll hang out in here – rather like, as your blog header says, you live a perpetually compartmentalized existence and the blog is where a certain facet of you gets to be expressed. I’d definitely want to hear more about the NY trip – you write vividly and are skilled with cliffhangers – but as curious as I am about the adventures of Margo the character you’ve created here, it’d be utterly presumptuous of me to complain about what parts of her life you write or do not write about.

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