Rich, Cheap Male Dom Ripped Me Off (Imagine That!)

       Let me pose this question to the clients of the world: How do you think it feels for me to have to ask you for the money you owe me, or a tip…?

        I’ll tell you how it feels: it makes me feel very devalued and disrespected, and it also makes me feel uncomfortable, and like I’m being greedy and rude (even though I’m NOT). 

         I just had a submissive session with an Englishman.  I know tipping is not part of their culture, so I told him up front that the dungeon policy for any sub session that was more than the very tamest of role-play involved a tip.  Minimum $100 and more if he left marks that last for more than a few hours.  

         He said that he understood. 

          I should have collected the money up front. How many more times am I going to let these fuckers rip me off…?  God, what an idiot I am. 

          But…he was wearing a very good suit, and he’d been here before, and he was very polite in consultation.  But, he was obviously wealthy and 6’4″, which is intimidating. 

          I got topless for this asshole, and let him touch my breasts, which almost never happens.  I got a spanking and a mild caning as well, which is fine, but he got to see my bare ass.  

          He also kept trying to kiss my neck without permission, which is against my boundaries. 

          It wasn’t the worst session I’ve ever had–not by a longshot–but it was a long slog.  There was a lot of skin contact and partial nudity on my part. 

           And then, at the end, he’s dressed in his expensive fucking suit, waiting at the door to leave, and I have to ASK HIM to give him the money that he owes me and that I EARNED. 

           “A sub session where I went topless requires a tip, Sir.”

            Someone, please explain to me why I have to ask.  Why does a man with money to burn make a woman who just gave him an excellent erotic experience ASK for her fee?

           He took out his wallet, which was full of cash, and gave me a $20 bill.  

           I just stared at it.  I wouldn’t take it out of his hand.
           What a fucking asshole.  A 5-minute lapdance from a stripper is at least $20.  This guy got 40 minutes topless Margo (and my tits are fantastic, I might add), and I took pain for him, and he wants to give me $20?  What? 

          What it boils down to is: no fucking respect for me or sex workers or the services we provide. 

           In the end, I got another $60, but it’s not what we agreed upon, and it was frustrating and humiliating to have to wrangle with him over it.  

          Now I have a 2-hour sub session coming up with a guy who is actually a very good Dom.  I have to fake an orgasm at least once, which is always degrading, but he’s technically proficient and doesn’t try to fuck me or take off my underpants or ask any inappropriate questions or tie me up.  Doesn’t push boundaries.  I try to look super-pretty for him and get the hair curled and the lingerie all nice.  It’s going to be $600, at least.

        I just feel badly that he’s going to get me emotionally frazzled, with a red ass from the last worthless douchebag. 

        P.S.  I have another big blog post coming up.

10 thoughts on “Rich, Cheap Male Dom Ripped Me Off (Imagine That!)”

  1. Miss Margo, it’s me, the IED (but really I’m always on your side) but I am going to go off on you just a little. You can not be a sex worker and be shy about asking for money. And you know that every guy is eager, and will do most anything, before they get what they want, but not after. Always, always get the money up front. And never call it a tip, like it’s optional. It’s a fee. “I get an additional fee for bare bottom and marks, and I get it up front. Topless is an extra $50, up front.” You are in business; be business-like.

    And that kissy thing on the neck? “If you kiss me again, sir, I’m going to knee you in the balls so hard it will kill your whole family. Sir.”

    1. “You can not be a sex worker and be shy about asking for money.” TRUE TRUE, you are RIGHT, but I hate to talk about it. Maybe it’s a personal weakness or part of my cultural heritage or whatever, but it makes me feel so degraded to stand there with my hand out. I shouldn’t have to ask more than once. I shouldn’t have to ask at all after we agreed on the fee. And you are right, it is A FEE, which is what I call it when I work independently. I’m not the fuckin Salvation Army; I don’t take donations.

      “And you know that every guy is eager, and will do most anything, before they get what they want, but not after.”

      Truer words were never spoken. It still doesn’t make him less of a jerk for reneging and ripping me off, though. “I’m not horny anymore and I have buyer’s remorse” doesn’t give anyone permission to cheat the other person they owe money to.

  2. I wonder how many female horror stories contain the words “but…he was wearing a very good suit” or “he was very polite…”. I bet a lot.

    Sorry you had a bad experience. It’s bad for you and for the industry because enough crap like this makes experienced ladies either leave the business or makes them hard and calloused and unpleasant, and can reduce their level of client service to “just enough”. I’ve seen it.

    IED, but always on your side.

    1. I hope the IED joke didn’t offend you. You do fly off the handle sometimes. I don’t take it personally. I don’t know you in real life, but I think it’s just who you are.

      The guy really got under my skin because I’m bad at bargaining (my fault) and I also felt like I was groveling for my wages (his fault, for being a cheating miser). It also makes me angry because one reason I work at a commercial dungeon is SO THAT I DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH THE MONEY. Management should have collected it. What the fuck am I paying you for, but infrastructure and to handle my bookings?

      I haven’t hardened yet…which is exactly why I got ripped off. My regulars always comment on my emotional openness and consideration for them. When I Top, I almost always get straight masochists who want corporal punishment, which I know a lot about, or softies/newbies who want a Mary Poppins domme. I’m good at role-play because I’m creative and verbal.

      But getting back to your point(s): yup about the female horror stories. And I certainly don’t want to tangle with you about The Personalities of Rich Doodz again, but FWIW, many of my most generous and considerate clients have been working-class guys who came in wearing jeans and baseball caps.

      My second Dom client last night was really cool, though. He put me through my paces, but didn’t hurt me in any meaningful way, and he tipped me $400 (on top of the hourly session fee for 2 hours). I hung out and chatted with him for half an hour afterward off the clock because he was interesting and nice.

  3. ah, the adventures continue, a $20 tip is cheap and demeaning, he should be the one getting his butt whipped. That said I had to laugh at the observation about wearing a nice suit. I read that wealthy people are the worst tippers mb because they can’t relate to making end meet. when I was young and in college my gf and I depended on her waitressing tips to eat, never forgot that and always tip generously, unless the service is truly atrocious .

    1. I tip at least 20% and so do all the poor people I know. I guess it’s different in Europe because they can make an almost-living minimum wage there.

      I dumped a guy once because we went on a weekend trip to a B&B, and when we left I left a tip for the Housekeeping…I think it was $40. $40 to clean up after us for 3 days is nothing, IMO, and these women need the money to live. They are mothers and they work hard, with no benefits. Can you imagine working on your hands and knees all day, and bending over to constantly pick stuff up and move it around, at their age?

      Anyway, he took a $20 bill out of the tip money and handed it to me, saying, “You left too much.”

      DUMPED. DUMPED. ALL TEH DUMPED. I hate that I fucked that guy.

    1. Well, they pay me ok and the rents not going to pay itself.

      You do have a point, which I acknowledge, however. I’ve had amazing experiences in this career, but when iit is bad, it’s fucking bad. On my cell phone so can’t write more.

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