Fleet Week 2014

  Sorry I’ve been scarce.  Things have been a little depressing around here, and it was the end of my semester, which meant that I had a lot of grading to do.  I’ve also been writing for a professional project, and I really need the money, because I have to move in a few months and it’s not going to be easy. 

      Anyway, I’ve decided to honor Memorial Day by doing my patriotic duty: I’m going to pick up a sailor in port for Fleet Week 2014. 

       They’re roaming the City at all the typical tourist spots.  I intend to hit a few tourist night spots.  One of my domme friends is going with me so that the night won’t be a total loss if we’re unsuccessful. 

       The requirements are minimal: well-groomed, be nice to me, not too drunk, and do not murder me when I take you back to my apartment. Or steal my stuff when I’m in the bathroom. Hopefully he won’t be a dud in the sack, but this is more of an adventure than a thing to relieve sexual frustration, so whatever. 

      The only question that remains is: do I want a young one, or an older officer….?

       HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m joking, obviously. 

       Now: where will the older ones congregate?  The young ones are all at Times Square watering holes, Hooters, the nudie bars if they can afford it, and the bars by the ships.  But if you were an old military dude on a boat, visiting New York, where would you go…?

      No idea.  But I will find them.

       Hair is curled, makeup is tasteful, I did my nails.  I am wearing a short white tunic dress with sequins on it and nude leggings with a pattern.  I am wearing nice sandals, because I expect to have to walk quite a bit. 

       Apartment is cleaned, fresh sheets on the bed, fresh new towel in case he wants to take a shower.

       Wish me happy hunting.  Update tomorrow. 

2 thoughts on “Fleet Week 2014”

  1. I am completely depressed now! I’m not in Manhattan for another two weeks and even if I was there, I’m not a sailor. However, I beez a pilot, does that count?

    Your wardrobe choices sound divine, my imagination is in overdrive.

    bonne chance and I’m jealous of whomever you choose….

  2. Dammit! I’ve now got this tune running around in my head interminably.


    All the nice girls love a sailor,
    All the nice girls love a tar,
    All the nice girls love a sailor,
    Well you know what sailors are….etc


    …a Proustian recovered memory of a formal logic class in which the students were asked to think about ambiguity in human language, and to parse the following:

    Every nice girl loves a sailor

    ….into each of the 3 logical expressions that formalise its possible meanings, starting with:

    forall(x, y) ( girl(x) AND sailor(y) –> love(x, y))

    i.e. all nice girls love all sailors.

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