Merry Christmas to MEEEEEE!

  I bought myself a Christmas gift: an authentic WW2 Soviet Leather Ammo Pouch!  Because sometimes a girl gets tired of carrying around a handbag.  I friggin hate having to carry a handbag all the time, but women’s fashions don’t have many pockets, and when they do have pockets, the pockets are often insecure and her wallet and cell phone fall out when she sits down.  

     It’s like a cool fanny pack.  I can wear it on my belt when I wear jeans. Cause you know what else is cool?  Not losing your stuff.  

      My Ammo Pouch is almost exactly like this one:


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to MEEEEEE!”

  1. Hi Margo

    Little known fact: Many of the USSR’s best snipers during WW2 were women. Blogger won’t let me post a link. Boo Blogger. Unlikely that your ammo pouch belonged to one of them. Still as I’m sure you are aware it is a reminder of the enormous sacrifaces made by the people of the USSR to defeat fascism.

    Well on that happy note, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


    1. Hi Mike!

      Yeah, Blogger sucks sometimes, but I can’t complain because it’s free and mostly does a decent job.

      The Soviets were definitely notable for their use of female combatants in WWII. The only other nation that came remotely close during the time period was Spain, during its civil war.

      Unlike men, women are not predisposed towards violence, but we have no problem pulling the trigger when something threatens house and hearth. Stalingrad and Leningrad…?

      The Russians also had great women fighter pilots. Consider this video presentation by the Army War College (hardly the most Russia-Friendly institution).:

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