Government Shutdown Shuts Down More Than Gov’t; Also 2008 Remembered

    It’s October.  The men are back from spending the Summer in Long Island, not having sex with their wives.  The kids are in school.  The men are usually spending money on sessions. 

     I worked on one of the government shutdown days and I know other dommes who’ve worked the other days.  

      The men are not coming in.  

      It has been dead.  DEAD.  Deader than the first week of August.  

      This isn’t a complaint-fest.  I’m just reporting.  Dommes, or at least the ones I know, are suffering along with everyone else.   People are at home watching CNN and Politico, fearing escalation and Financial Doom.  My friend Heinrich can’t go to work at one of his jobs because the museum is shut down.  If these Game-of-Chicken enthusiasts in Washington don’t fix this pronto, I am all for bringing back a guillotine.

       Democrats suck in their own special ways, but I have to say–and I know I’m going to get some hate mail for this–the Republicans are a very unique brand of asshole.  They don’t give a fuck.  They do not care about bipartisanship.  For whatever reason, they think that they are entitled to run things, and they are aggressive.  They don’t apologize and they don’t explain. They have a will to power the Democrats seldom possess.  

      Remember Fall 2008?  Wasn’t that spectacular (not in the positive sense)?  Oh God, what a good time to be safely ensconced in grad school.  I had no wealth to lose.  Being in NYC, I felt like a geologist or meteorologist observing some catastrophic natural disaster.  

      I’d go visit the Surgeon. 

      “Do you have any idea how much money I lost today?” he’d wail, rubbing his forehead.  “It’s like the end of the world!”   

      I will admit that I enjoyed seeing the banks fail, and the banksters to be summoned before Congress to account for their evil crimes.  Shadenfreude gloating on my part.  

       At school, we all wondered what this was going to mean if the governor made cuts in our grant(s). 

        At my secret job, business was booming (it was at my first stint at a dungeon).  The men hand’t yet realized that the compromise of their fortune was permanent.   

       On more than one occasion the following Spring, I’d approach a kneeling man in the dungeon, cane in hand.

        “Let’s pretend that I’m Ben Bernanke and you’re Bear Sterns, and I’m about to sell your ass for $10 a share,” I’d say.

         Just a little walk down memory lane. 

12 thoughts on “Government Shutdown Shuts Down More Than Gov’t; Also 2008 Remembered”

  1. No hate mail here – Dems usually seem to be the ones giving in and the GOP is used to it. Just look at the budget – the only reason they AREN’T fighting over the money is that the Republicans got pretty much what they wanted. Now the Dems are standing their ground and the GOP is all “screw you guys, I’m going home”.

    1. “Definition of a liberal: someone who won’t take his own side in an argument.:

      That’s actually pretty witty, Downlow, and you’re looking very handsome this morning in your new brown shirt.

      Back in your cage, Downlow, back in your cage…

  2. The old Republican party, the party of Eisenhower, is dead. It’s now a wholly-owned subsidiary of fascists (and I use the word advisedly) like the Koch brothers, the Scaifes, others of their ilk, and useful idiots like Grover Norquist and the Tea Party.

    These people, despite their protestations and obeisance to ‘Freedom’ are the sworn enemies of democracy and Popper’s idea of ‘The Open Society’.

    What they are now engaged in is a financial coup d’etat.

    The words of FDR are as true now as they were in the 1940s.

    “The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism — ownership of government by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power. ”

    1. Hi there,

      Describing the GOP as fascist still makes me cringe, but that is probably willful denial on my part.

      Mark Ames has an ugly personality, but his journalism about the Kochs is top-notch. You can find it at the NSFWCorp link below.

      My Russian manager has been gloating, gloating, gloating. CNN and Russia Today are on all the time (corporate media and the Putin BJ channel, but what can you do?).

  3. the republican party was commandeered by corporate america who in turn exploits single minded fanatics like religious extremists and the tea party to further their own agenda. they have zero interest in the singled minded fanatics various crusades other than to perpetuate the conflict so as to create a distraction that will allow them to continue on their own greedy agenda which is to continue shifting the tax burden away from themselves and onto individual middle class americans and shift the risk to the govt (tax payers) while they continue to reap the benefit of their morally hazardous behavior. the democrats have been forced to play the game set by the rules set by corporate america in order to remain in the game but now they (democrats) are just as bad. it started with reagan and has been continued through bush, clinton, bush, obama and i have no doubt that whoever the next president is, regardless of party, it will be more of the same. because corporate america is really in charge. it’s like psychopaths operating the puppet strings of narcissists.

  4. Alas, while I may be witty, or at least half so, my quote must be attributed to Robert Frost.

    But lest ye render me Repubilcan’t, know that I’m pure Demo and wish they had more backbone.

    I do like the image of being ordered into a cage. Wait…are you spying on me?

    Btw, the only thing brown I wear is my nose, and only that occasionally.

  5. It is my intention to respond to this comment tomorrow. I wrote a response tonight, but it’s late and I’m tired, and I don’t think it is as eloquent as I’d like to be.

    Nonetheless, in the meantime, I thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful comment.


  6. I like guillotines too…Still they are so European. Better we combine the two things Americans love…firearms and team sports. So I would rather see the firing aquad return.


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