Cast Fetish…?!

      When I started working as a professional domme/switch, I already considered myself pretty experienced.  I’d been doing sadomasochism in my private life since I was 19, and you know how seriously I take it.

      Even still…there is no way I could have foreseen what was in store for me.  The Wide World of Human Sexuality is vast.  It contains multitudes.  

       Now, on my third stint in the Biz, a lot of the shine is rubbed off (my analyst told me recently that I was changing.  Mourning. Not all change is voluntary, she said. Sometimes it just happens to you. I’ve been thinking a lot about that.). 

        That said: sometimes something can still knock my socks off. 

        I discovered a new fetish, boys and girls.  Something I’d never heard of before.  Something I never would have dreamed up in a million years.  

         Get ready for it!

         Cast fetish.

          What. The. Hell.

      These images are from the good people at  Their videos and photo sets have titles such as Fetish Princess Bodycast, Cast Cutie Learning Day, and Lizzy, Left Alone. 

       I am speechless.  

       (I must say, though, that weirdness notwithstanding, the vibe of the website is quite cheerful and good-natured.  It also seems very female-positive.  If it wasn’t for the orgasms, the thing would be rated “G.”  I kinda like how everyone is grinning.)  

     After I picked my jaw off the floor, I did a little digging on the internet.  

      There’s a lot of cast fetish websites out there.  Consider…  Sexy babes in casts!  (and is she pregnant?)


       I was dying to hear the explanation for this one.  What accounts for the cast fetish…?  At first, I thought it must be psychological association with all the positive attention and accommodation you get when you’re injured.  You know, people sign your cast and ask you how you hurt yourself and tell you that they hope you get better soon. 


       It seems to be the vulnerability of being “frozen.”  Like bondage.  Very, very extreme bondage.  

       From FAQ:

Q: What, in the hell, is a casting fetish site? Is this supposed to be sexy? A: This is a fetish site. So, if you don’t have a fetish for casting, or for immobilized girls in general, you may not understand. For me, there’s something magical, about staring into someone’s eyes, and knowing that they can’t move. In fact, they require a power tool in order to be free. That’s the theme we explore, here, in various ways. If that’s a vibe you like, we can’t wait to see you inside.

         They’re in Massachusetts, and they’re soliciting models.  I think this is the only fetish website that I’ve ever seen for which I could model and not risk my professional reputation.  It actually sound like fun, in a…weird sort of way.  I’ve never been in a cast.  

       Any other weird fetishes that you know of?  This could be a fun potential blog category!  “The Wide World of Wacky Sexuality,” or something like that…

5 thoughts on “Cast Fetish…?!”

  1. There used to be an old Ennglish magazine with black and white photosof women in sexy clothes wearing gas masks. I think that makes my fetish of bad girls/women in prison uniform/womenin canvass sneakers (Preferably all three..) seem fairly ordinary..)

  2. I had a sub who got into extreme latex bondage as a result of breaking her femur and being in a cast for a long time. You’re right about the effect of being restrained, and how that naturally feeds into fetish.

    That said, I once had to spend two months restrained after smashing my pelvis in a crash on my racing bike. On my back 24/7, no movement in my right leg allowed. Restricted movement everywhere else.

    Not recommended.

  3. The most fascinating one I’ve come across this year is the execution fetish. I’ve had guys want to role-play being killed by a beautiful woman before (a few times), but the formal execution session blew my mind. Since I wrote that, I get hits every single day from someone googling “female executioner fetish” or something like that.

    There’s another guy who comes in twice a month, regular as clockwork, and wants his head to be forcibly shaved with buzz cutter. He gets strapped down to a dentist chair while he struggles, his head is restrained by one woman, and the other one buzzes his hair. It’s the weirdest shit, and I swear I’m not making it up.

    I blew the session because when he started resisting, I stopped and let him up. I didn’t know that he really wanted me to go through with it (he didn’t tell me that because it would ruin his fantasy, the twit).

    And there’s a guy with a vacuum cleaner….well, I’ll stop there.

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