And the Award for Most Delusional Client October 2013 Goes To…..

    This blog post isn’t going to be nice, and I don’t care.

     I was lurking on Maggie McNeil’s blog and came across this comment from a reader who was giving advice to woman on how to find a competent and male sex partner who make sure she was sexually satisfied.

       Buckle your seatbelts, ladies and gents, cause this one is a doozy.  “T’jock” writes:

 I might suggest thinking about giving a ‘hobbyist’ a try. I’ve had several escorts indicate that their customers are often excellent in bed. Why? Because they practice on a variety of women. Also, many of them are there because they enjoy giving women pleasure. I know I seek escorts who enjoy their work and provide GFE (girl friend experience) and I put into the encounter as much as I receive.
You could ‘lurk’ on ECCIE for a while and pick a hobbyist. It’s easy to contact that person and for him it would be like winning the lottery. Besides, the best part is when it’s over, he will leave.


      Because a sex worker would never lie to her client about his attractiveness, uniqueness, or sexual prowess.  Much less an escort, who has no professional motivation excite her customers and get them out the door as soon as possible without angering them.  

        Reality check, you delusional fucktard: no escort in her right mind is going to say “I would rather get a bikini wax then endure one more minute of your revolting pussy-eating.”  Or, “Ow, you’re hurting me.”  Or, “Clearly everything you learned about sex, you learned from misogynistic porn.”  Or, “I could smell your ballsack from across the room.  You need to develop a nodding acquaintance with a wet soapy washcloth.”  Or, “When you kiss me, it feels like you’re trying to eat my head.”  

        Half the job is validation, sympathy and comfort, and ego massage.  No sex worker, or anyone else in a customer-service job, could make a living at it if she told all of her customers exactly what she thought of them.  

        UGH!  Fucking “Hobbyist” fucktards, I hate them!   They’re not regular clients, so if clients are reading this, don’t get mad.   And I’m not talking about Max Fisch guys either, because I’ve had pretty good experience with them.  Hobbyists are the worst.  Every one I’d had who self-identified as such was a royal insensitive douchebag.  I don’t get a lot of them (thank GOD) because they tend to stick to escorts and not fetish workers, but I’ve had a few, and not one good experience.  In fact, they were so bad that I refused to see them more than once.  The last one was Mr. Kissy-Face. 

         “T’jock” here demonstrates another aspect of the Hobbyist personal: self-centeredness.   His advice to the letter-writer is all about him, right up to “it would be a dream come true (to someone like me)!”  It’s fine for a client to be selfish in a session–that’s what they’re paying for, after all–but FFS!

3 thoughts on “And the Award for Most Delusional Client October 2013 Goes To…..”

  1. This guy has obviously never seen the movie ‘Klute’ and the scene in which Bree Daniels (well-played by Jane Fonda) is working a punter. She moans and groans “Oh my angel!” in his ear while simultaneously looking at her watch.

    1. I have no doubt that some clients are good in the sack–some of mine are quite sexy and attractive, and even dated a few, which wasn’t very smart–it was this guy’s conceit.

      I wrote this blog post in a laughing fit, reading the guy’s comment aloud to every woman in the room (I was at my dungeon) and probably didn’t express why I hate “Hobbyists” and Review culture very well.

      If you want to take a look at the dark side of these guys, check out . Beware, it’s depressing. The review boards get terrible.

      Max Fisch is pretty decent, though. Thank God.

      1. Wow I read that invisible men tumbler stuff. That is depressing and disgusting too.

        I’m glad you like the Max Fisch guys. I’m a submissive masochist. I’ve been on Max for years. I’ve been seeing pro dommes for a long time . I’ve found that the best bdsm comes with building chemistry with an established relationship. Interestingly I’ve just begun seeing an escort provider who used to pro domme. She’s great. She’s primarily an escort but incorporates femdom into our session or meeting as she/we call it.

        Fyi if you are not aware Max Fisch is just about dead. In the last few months the site has slowed down to the point where it’s just about unusable. A lot of posters including myself have moved over to The Buzz on


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