Men Glorious Men

     Did you know that you can find pictures of everything on tumblr…?  Everything!  Everything!  I could waste the rest of my life there looking at photos of attractive older men (FYI: I went out with my girlfriends the other night.  When the talk invariably turned to men, we conducted a little informal poll.  Guess who’d been with the oldest man?  If I don’t date someone younger next time, they’re going to stage an intervention for me).

This blog needs an Imaginary Boyfriend update.  Exactly what my 8 readers, all of whom are dudes, really want, I’m sure.  

A man reading, with a pocket puppy.  Ooo-la-la!  If I was dictator of the universe, all men would carry pocket puppies!  The world would be perfect! 

What is that thing the kitten is sitting on?  And the pipe makes it for me. lol.

Hello, beautiful creature!  For once, a man with a camera who doesn’t piss me off. 

     This one has nice soft eyes that I find very attractive…

soft eyes

   Freckles!  He is sort of young, but whatever. I would eat him like the cookie monster.  nom nom NOM!

nom nom NOM

     This one is an fencer who competed in the Olympics.  Just kill me now and get it over with. 

COWBOYS!  I’d never marry one because that would necessitate living in the country, but damned if a lot of them aren’t beautiful, and they are tough

lord have mercy

Isn’t this illustration beautiful?  You can click to enlarge.

beautiful illustration

looks a bit like my Dad

     I’m not huge into uniforms, but look at these!  They look kinda fussy to be practical.  I like the colors and leather bits, though.  Can anyone identify them for me?  Are they authentic, like from a time period?  Turn of the century, or maybe WWI?  Obviously the photo itself is contemporary.  I’m just wondering about the clothes. 

It looks English to me for some reason.  Maybe this is what they wore when they were busy oppressing Kenyans.  

Don’t waste that crop on a horse!  Beat Miss Margo with it instead!  PLEEZE!

     Here, I’ll post this one for the dudes.  If you got down to the bottom of this idiotic post, you deserve something, and I found this kinda Femdomme-ey.  These ladies are beautiful, and check out those boots!

     If you don’t find them sufficiently intimidating, just think: every last one of them is coming for your JOB.  And we could end illegal immigration tomorrow if we posted those babes at the border.  Hell, maybe we could hire them!

     God, I wish I could get my mitts on one of those uniforms.  I could wear it at the Studio and make a mint.  

P.S.  Military parades freak me the fuck out.  Like, yikes.  But I bet this part–with the female soldiers–was the crowd’s favorite part of the whole parade, lol.  

4 thoughts on “Men Glorious Men”

  1. Hi Margo

    The guy with the pocket puppy I’m pretty sure is Cary Grant.

    The kitty cat is sitting on an artillery shell. And for a big gun. Probably an 8″ howitzer.

    The two english guys are from a movie still from Speilberg’s WW I movie “War Horse” which came out a couple years ago. I think that is Benedict Cumberbatch on the right. Supposedly Speilberg is a big stickler for details like uniforms, equipment and such so the uniforms probably are authentic for the period

    Lastly, notice that the women in the video are all young, attractive and EXACTLY the same height. I know China is a big country, but that took some effort to pull off.


  2. Mike saves the day again!

    Cary Grant was a babe.

    I thought it was an artillery shell, but then I thought that it had to be too big. Can you recognize the guy’s uniform? What country?

    I saw War Horse when it came out. How’d I miss these fine fellows? I was probably too busy rolling my eyes at the cloying sentimentalism. Though the scene with the horse running through the trenches was almost worth the price of admission and the overdose of canned corn.

    And I’ll be damned, you’re right about the women in the video. I noticed that they were all slim and pretty, but I did not notice the uniform height. I guess since the parade was for celebration and propaganda purposes, everything had to be just right.

    Thanks for the input, Mike, as always.

  3. Hi Margo

    The guy’s uniform. Looks US Army WW II period. Definately not German or Russian. Could be a Brit or even Italian, but I’ll stick to my US Army answer.

    Well an 8″ gun is heavy artillery. That shell probably weights 200 lbs. and had to be lifted onto the trolley it is on by the winch in the background.


  4. I’m inclined to agree with you, Mike. Def not German or Russian.

    I know that I have a German reader. HEY FLO! Does this dude in the photo look like he’s wearing a German military uniform? Because, being a German, you must be an expert in these things. (sarcasm)

    I also wonder about the soldier in the third photo. Why is he feeding the kitten? What happened to kitten’s mom?

    Following your comment, I found the War Horse clip I was thinking about on YouTube. I’ll post it soon, and mention you, if you don’t mind.

    200 lbs. God.

    One of my former advisers, whom I hold in very high esteem, is a right-of-center hawk. He told me once that war was a natural state. I found this very offensive at the time. Now I believe he’s right.

    Yes, the winch…I only noticed it when you pointed it out…

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