Ask a ProDomme/Loser Instructor/SadoMaso Anything

      I think that someone, somewhere on Teh Interwebs linked to my blog, because I have received an influx of traffic and email from total strangers (well, I guess you are all total strangers, as I have never met one of my blog readers in person….wait, that’s not true…I’ve met Advo!  And I worked briefly with Mistress Alex when I was just starting out).  

       I know my audience, such as it is: mostly, it’s my fellow sadomasochists, primarily submissive dudes.  I’ve got a few male Tops, most of whom seem to be German (shocker, I know), who repeatedly cruise the “beatings” tag.  Chicks stumble upon the blog from time to time, read all about the Surgeon, and send me email advising me to go to a domestic violence shelter.  Academics–mostly grad students, but a few profs–find their way here through random Google searches, and they either freak the fuck out or send me email asking me if I, and this blog am “really real,” whatever the hell that means.  Do I sound like I’m faking anything, my fellow idiot academic colleagues?  Surely, you cannot fail to recognize one of your own?  Do you think I pulled the Frederick Taylor reference out of my ass?  Does my relentless, perennial whining about my genteel (ha! ha! ‘genteel!’) poverty sound unfamiliar to you, or do you live in some magical academic land with unicorns and leprechans that hide golden coins in peer-reviewed journals in the library, and every day on campus is like a treasure hunt? 

       Sometimes I get emails from girls who have eating disorders, and they want updates about how much I weigh now.  Those are the most sad.  I weigh 126 lbs this morning, and I won’t look at the mirror when I get in and out of the shower.  I really hate it, but starving made my brain not work right, and the last time I passed out in Penn Station I hurt myself. It’s a good thing I’m not with the Surgeon anymore, because he would be really mean about it. 

      In any event, I am getting some weird email, so I am going to launch a few feature on this blog: ASK A PRODOMME/PROSWITCH/PRACTICING SADOMASOCHIST ANYTHING.

Got a question about The Biz?  Want to know why I’m such a sick fuck?  Questions about Dungeon Work?  What are clients “really like?” 

You can also ask me about what it’s like to be a failed academic at a  hopelessly irrelevant community college, but somehow I don’t think that anyone cares.  Likewise, alcoholism is on the table as well, though the only advice I’m qualified to give on it is how I myself have avoided drinking myself to death (thus far). 

You can ask anonymously, if you want, through the comments section or email me: 

If I get enough questions, I’ll answer them in a blog post.  And I would never post your name unless you specifically asked me to. 

Watch, this is going to be a total flop of an idea….I’ll get two questions, and one will be a request for a picture of my boobs or something…

3 thoughts on “Ask a ProDomme/Loser Instructor/SadoMaso Anything”

  1. M,

    Again with the “Frederick Taylor” references!!!
    You should start a fan-club!

    Have a fun 4th.


  2. Hi Rick!

    No, I never got a response! I dunno!

    Mayhap I don’t have enough readers to provoke a response. My blog is small–which is probably a good thing. I only get like 3000-4000 hits a month, and I suspect most of that is repeat business–regulars.

    Do YOU have a question, Rick? I’ll try to answer if you do!


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