A Week Off

     In addition to this blog, I usually have several other writing projects that I work on simultaneously.  One of my hobby pieces could be called a memoir, though I don’t suppose I’ve lived long enough or accomplished enough to have much wisdom to impart.  But what the hell.  We can’t all be Ben Franklin.  

    I spent a lot of time in the archives this week.  Looking through those boxes.  You know which boxes I’m talking about because everyone has them unless you suffered a housefire or the Wehrmacht performed in your village one day on its European Tour or something.  The boxes with photos and paperwork and weird random shit from your childhood (I found, for example, a tiny plush seal I got from Sea World when I was 8.  Why the fuck did I keep it?  Why did I transport it 3000 miles?  Who knows?)

     A lot of time in the archives.  The ones in the boxes, and the ones in my brain.  And I spent way too much time with good old Dad.   Like ionizing radiation, any exposure to him should be under tightly controlled circumstances and kept as short as possible. 

     It was not good for me.

     So, I’m taking a week off from this blog.  Don’t worry, it’s not going away–I enjoy it far too much, and I think it’s a healthful hobby.  But I need to recharge and I need to focus on my sobriety.  I’m going to stay with a female friend for a few days so that I won’t be alone.  As any alcoholic can tell you: isolation is a killer.  Literally. 

      I’ll be back soon.  This is just a rough patch–I’ve been here before, and I recognize it for what it is.

      Radio Silence begins at 9.


P.S.  you can write or leave comments if you want, but I might not read them for a few days.  Parrot and I are off to Brooklyn, lol.  Pack yo bags, Parrot.  Cobble Hill and a crappy Ikea futon await us.

2 thoughts on “A Week Off”

  1. If it makes you feel better, I am a woman in my mid forties who found your blog by googling drunkalogue ; I love your writing, and I for one would be most interested in reading anything you have to say re alcohol and not drinking alcohol etc!
    As well as what you regularly write about.
    Anonymously reading….

  2. Howdy, anon! Wow, a female reader! I have maybe 8 readers and they are all guys (which is fine, of course).

    Thanks for compliments on my writing. If you’re interested in reading more about my unhappy relationship with alcohol, I think there’s a blog post called “Thoughts on my drinking, and why I had to stop.” You can look for it using the “Search this Blog” function at the top right.

    If you don’t mind my asking, what do you want to know about? Are you drinking and trying to quit or in AA or something? Just curious.

    I’m sure I’ll be writing more about the Wonderful World of Alcoholism soon because I got drunk after spending a little too much time in the haunted house of the Adler family, which is like the Aadams family without the fun. It is imperative that I keep this from sliding into a relapse, so I’m taking a break and checking into Hotel AA. I need to refresh my brainwashing (joke). Please pass the kool-aid and the tinfoil hats. I’ll bring the cookies.

    Thanks for reading. I’ll be back next week.

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