On Call (and Abduction Update)

     I’m on call till midnight at the Studio tonight.  A well-known (and, to be fair, highly regarded) dungeon barnacle expressed an interest in seeing me, so I’m hanging out in my apartment with my cell phone in front of me on my desk. 

       The guy is fairly reliable–he comes in most of the nights (and they are always nights) that he says he will.  He flakes approx. 20% of the time. He sessions so often and tips so well, however, that nobody holds it against him.  

      Shall I tell you what the session is like…?  

     Sure, why not! 

      He brings in all of his own equipment.  Said equipment requires two large duffle bags for transport. 

   He cocoons himself into a rather odd latex bodybag and requests to be blindfolded with his blindfold (he can’t do it himself, obviously).  Then the Mistress places a 24″ long slinky tube in his mouth that looks like a vacuum cleaner attachment.  It probably is a vacuum cleaner attachment.  He holds it in his mouth.

       The Mistress smokes a cigarette (he provide the cigarettes, because he has a favorite brand) and exhales the smoke through the tube into his mouth.

       That’s it.  I kid you not. 

       Yeah, it’s weird as hell, but he tips a few hundred bucks and you don’t have to talk to him (not that I mind talking to clients–I usually interrogate them, if they don’t mind–but keeping up a one-sided dialogue in this context would be very draining).  You can read a book, or Ped-Egg your feet, or surf The Economist website, or ask yourself what the fuck am I doing with my life?  I know that smoking is terribly unhealthy, but nobody is going to get lung cancer from half a pack of cigarettes.  

       Whilst not in the euphoria of his strange bodybag, he is a well-mannered and seemingly educated individual.  Whoever he is, he must be wealthy, because he comes to the Superstudio at least two or three times a week–always very late at night–and I’m willing to bet that when he’s not there, he’s going to other studios in town.  


       On a happier note, Miss Margo’s Abduction Birthday Party should be happening next weekend or the week after.  

       We abandoned the kidnapped-off-the-street idea.  The fantasy is extremely exciting, but there is no way to practically execute it.  

        I’m giving Heinrich the keys to my apartment and my approximate schedule for the next few weeks.  

       He–they–can come over at any time and let themselves in.  He–or they–are going to come in and take me….wherever.  Presumably to the artist studio on Long Island.  ha, ha.  Yeah…that “House in the Country.”  It must have a million dogs and cats on it.     

      Scary scary scary!  Home invasion is a huge scary fear of mine!

       AAAARGGHH! So excited and anxious I can’t see straight.


3 thoughts on “On Call (and Abduction Update)”

  1. Is that you, Canadian Friend?

    I guess I COULD change the locks afterward, but I don’t see why that would be imperative. I’ve known Heinrich for years. He is a well-educated, responsible, law-abiding person with a high-value job, not some shady dude I met off of craigslist. He gave me his housekeys once so that I could get his mail and water his plants when he was out of town. How is this any different?

    Why is this a bad idea? It’s just a bit of theater!

    Besides Heinrich, one of my good girlfriends is finding the other dudes–I think one of them is going to be her live-in partner, in fact.

    My biggest concern, actually, is that someone is going to use a cell phone to take pics of me naked and chained to a fuckin futon frame with a bag over my head or something. We all know how men are with their damn cameras. Six months later, it’s spammed to hell and back on Fetlife or whatever. Heinrich and my female friend wouldn’t allow it, but it only takes a second, you know?

    Actually, it might be worth having my girlfriend empty their pockets confiscate and hold all of their cell phones while they are in my presence. She could return their stuff to them when they are not with me…

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