April Fool III

    So, I stopped by the Studio yesterday to drop off some dry cleaning.  

    “Margo!  Did you hear?  I was just telling C!” said Betsy.  Betsy is a gorgeous English lady.  

     “No.  Hear what?”

     “I just got dumped!  Alec canceled our date tonight!” 

    We cackled like crows.  Bwaahahahahahaha!

    Betsy is another friend of C’s–she was supposed to go on a date with Alec, too.  Boy, did she have big plans for him!  Alec has no idea what a bullet he dodged…

    Betsy is married and her husband is quite a studmuffin.  Handsome, used to play pro baseball. Her husband is in on the joke.  Betsy was going to go out with Alec for dinner, and then hit up a night spot…a lounge with music.  

     There, she was going to “meet” her husband…and after a little flirting and conversation…ditch Alec for hubby!  Ditch him for another man, and walk out of the bar with him!  Right there in front of Alec and everyone!

      Diabolical..!  But tell me it’s not perfect!  What a scheme! 

      Well, Alec got cold feet and canceled the date that morning.  He claimed to have an important business meeting that he had to attend, but I think that sounds fishy–who has a business meeting at 8 PM?  Alec doesn’t work in the entertainment or restaurant industries, either–he does some boring corporate bullshit with a platoon of other douchebag MBAs.  The only thing guys like this do at 8 PM is order their third martini of the night and at Ciprini downtown and avoid going home to their families.  

       Betsy’s also stunning, a 6-foot tall blue-eyed glamazon.  No man is going to blow her off for a “work meeting.”  They’ve been emailing and talking on the phone for two weeks, too. 

       Methinks Alec might be getting nervous about his skills with the ladies.  Lol!  

      She’s trying to reschedule the date.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 

       In the meantime…I want this corset dress!  Perfect for Spring!

     The new season of Hell’s Kitchen sucks.  Boo!  It jumped the shark at least four seasons ago.  I can’t watch it anymore.  I’m trying to get into Game of Thrones, but alas, it’s just not doing much for me.  

      There’s always Real Time with Bill Maher….I was going to blog about Maher once, and never got around to it.  Maher’s a unique case, as far as I’m concerned, because although I find myself agreeing with almost everything that comes out of his mouth, I also find him deeply unlikable.  Truly, he is the definition of a prick.  Is there a bigger asshole on TV?  He makes Bill O’Reilly look like Mr. Rogers.  

      I have to take my air conditioner out of the closet and re-install it in my window, and there isn’t a man around to pick it up for me.   🙁

7 thoughts on “April Fool III”

  1. Dear Miss Margo,

    This is wild! The more you write about this the more I am in awe of C. She’s like a James Bond super-villain. But this is beyond anything I could imagine. And I have to confess, it makes me hot. I have a weakness for a certain sort of humiliation, and Betsy getting hot for her man in front of this hapless guy really does it for me. I am fantasizing more and more about C as well. What an evil mind she has. These stories make her seem powerful in what to me is a very sexy way. Wow!


  2. Hi John!

    I’m glad that you are enjoying the installments in the series, lol. I was feeling conflicted about participating in C’s machinations at first…but after I learned the full story of what he did to her (which was not Mathematician-bad but still totally unethical and uncalled for and just plain mean), I must admit that I am finding this unfolding saga TOTALLY HILARIOUS.

    If it makes you hot, though, I suggest you consider the complex–INCREASINGLY complex–web of manipulation C is spinning around this hapless jackass. First, she waited over six months (after their breakup) to start screwing with him. And now she has…six? seven?…other women in on her plot. We all approach him from fake dating profiles she helps us set up.

    If Alec eventually follows through with Betsy–and I can’t imagine that he won’t–I’m sure that I’ll get a blow-by-blow account of his public humiliation. I’ll pass on the gory details.

    Thanks for reading. As always, it’s good to hear from you. Enjoy the summer weather.

  3. Douchebag MBA’s?!!! That hurt, that really hurt. Not all MBA’s are douchebags, and that kind of stereotyping seems a little like glass house stone-throwing. I mean, how many pro dommes are stereotyped falsely?

    I am an MBA, and I’m not a douchebag and not looking to drink booze to avoid my family.

    Even though I’m slightly insulted, I still love this blog…and would gladly lift your a/c for you (and install it).

    1. OH NO! Downlow! LOL I did not mean to hurt your feelings! I am sure you are not a douchebag or a family-avoider (sp?).

      If it helps you feel any better, it is all sour grapes…sour grapes at your field’s relative career success, while the idealistic tards in the other social sciences (is Business Admin a social science? It must be; Public Admin, Poli Sci, Psych, and Econ are) grouse.

      So yeah, not all MBAs are douchebags. I would take you over a bunch of Econ and Philosophy majors any day. HA! HA!

      Thanks for reading. I always like to hear from you, Downlow.

  4. Miss Margo,

    I guess what turns me on about C is how cold this all is and that she seems so powerful and all-controlling. It’s like he’s a rat in a lab, getting shocked at random when he presses the lever. Plus, she really seems to know how to attack a man’s sexual self-confidence. I guess emotional sadism turns me on.


    PS: I never ‘got’ Bill Maher. He’s not funny and I never learn anything. So why would I watch him?

  5. well, that would have been deliciously diabolical. i am so sad that alec cancelled. maybe he will reschedule.

    don’t you have a building superintendent that can help you with the AC?

    obtw, ditto bull mahr.

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