Hawt or Not? Please Advise

   Now, I know that men and women often have different ideas of what constitutes “hawtness.”  I know that several of my 8 readers are men, so I thought I’d consult you guys (if I asked the guys at school if they thought this outfit would look good on me, I might get some weird looks).  

    This is a piece of clothing for work at the Studio, so imput from sub men is especially valuable.  You can comment anonymously if you want.  Or email me. 

     So I ask you: Is this a hawt outfit for a domme?  Would you want a woman wearing this while she was putting you in your place, where you belong?  

       Or is this outfit a bad, bad, cringe-worthy idea?  Would I look like some tard reject from Kill Bill?  

      I’d wear it with bare legs–I have nice long legs.  Maybe boots.  

      Please advise.  C wants my measurements.

     I think the metal bras are a safer bet.  I’m definitely more of a leather domme than a latex domme, but this is a little too heavy metal for me.  

     Or is it? 

7 thoughts on “Hawt or Not? Please Advise”

  1. Other than the hood it looks good. Especially if you had boots. That would be a great Domme look. The only part I hesitate on is the hood. Especially from the back. Looks kind of odd. Might just the the funny shape of the model’s hair. You should try it on and see if the back looks OK. But other than that, yes. Looks great.

  2. I think you would look stupendous in this! However, it’s not really my taste so I can’t say I think it’s hot. I’m way more of a retro-lingerie guy. But for a leather look it is totally fab and any sub into leather would drooool!!

  3. I think you would look good in a barrel with suspenders.this being said, I am not digging the hood and the long sleeves.

  4. Hot, definitely! It’s strong and sassy! It makes a statement and shows off the legs. And zipper positioning can effect the level of hotness too.

    So, you’ve decided to burn C’s ex?

  5. No, that doesn’t make it, for me. I’m an old-fashioned kind of guy, a nice Domme outfit with black garter belt, stockings and fetishy footwear is just wonderful any time!
    Are you getting a reward for “dating” C’s ex?
    Are you still on CM or did you delete that profile. If it’s still there, I’d love to have a look.
    (This site makes me post as “anonymous”)

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