Crestfallen: I Let Love In

The door–it opened just a crack, but Love was shrewd and bold
My life flashed before my eyes…it was a horror to behold.
A life sentence sweeping confetti from the floor of a concrete hole

I let love in
I let love in
I let love in
I let love in

Well I’ve been bound and gagged and I’ve been terrorized
And I’ve been castrated and I’ve been lobotomized…
But never has my tormentor come in such a cunning disguise….

I let love in 
I let love in
I let love in
I let love in

        When I told him my real age and he did the math in his head and he said: “I’m (more than ten, less than fifteen) years older than you. Do you think that’s too much of an age difference to have a real relationship?” 

      I said, “Not at all.  I’ve had years-long relationships with men who were even older than you.”

      The Surgeon is old enough to be my father. 

     He said: “Okay, that’s good to know.  I was worried about the age difference.  That’s all.”  

           *                     *                     *                      * 

      Over dinner:  “I’ve been looking for someone like you.  I can’t believe I met someone like you.  You’re amazing.”

                    *           *                            *                     * 

           The day I started my new teaching job, he brought me an apple.

       “For the new professor!” he said.  As he stood on my doorstep.

        *                               *                    *                                * 

       “You’re the whole package, Margo.  You’re extremely intelligent.  You’re beautiful.  You’re ethical.  And you’re so, so sweet.  I’ve been looking for someone like you.  I’ve been wanting to meet someone like you.”
              *              *                                   *                          * 

   All of these quotes are verbatim.  He really said it.  All that and more.  
                  *                            *                             *                    * 

      Despair and deception, love’s ugly little twins….

      Darling, you’re the punishment for all of my former sins…

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