I just put an apple pie in the oven.  I hope the crust turns out okay.  My crusts are always too crumbly.  

Soon I am going to jump in the shower.  Then we are going to try to fry the turkey!  

No time to really write a post (though I do have something hilarious to write about soon)…in the meantime, here are some random recent phone pics:

Parrot flew into my room while I was taking a nap to say HI!!!

     You thought the Surgeon was OCD…?  Check out this crazy shit.  My mother turns the cushins of her leather sofa upside-down so that they will “wear evenly” and piles her best pillows on the top of the sofa so that nobody will rest on them and mess them up.  Yeah, I grew up in this house.  

The chair: pristine after 8 years

The Surgeon would approve.  However, he would at least change it before guests came over.  We wouldn’t want anything to think we were CRAZY, after all!

           The last time the Mathematician came over to my apartment, he brought me a case of Diet Coke.  

         Less than 36 hours later:

all gone



2 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING”

  1. Happy thanksgiving. Take great care of yourself. Looking forward to talking to you via Skype. Although i do appreciate getting updates on your life, Communicating through your blog is weird.

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