5 thoughts on “Nothing Works Like a Deadline”

  1. Is it really the right size for a tall (relatively) young woman? Really?
    Aside from the surgeon, no one in their right mind would think you look better in xs and s.
    You are great company when you are in a good moon. Why do you think models are so c***ty? Because they are starving and between two cigarettes, diet cola, and ice cubes.

    Please, return the dress for a more reasonable size. What is the difference between this and 1920s Chinawomen with bounded feet?

  2. “What is the difference between this and 1920s Chinawomen with bounded feet?”

    Is this a rhetorical question?

    The difference is obvious: psychological compulsion vs. culturally-mandated mutilation. I think that the practice of binding feet is more analogous to female genital mutilation.

    And why pick on models? Some of them make lots of cash, but for most of them, it’s a shitty exploitive industry.

    I do sympathize with your frustration with me. I am sometimes frustrated with myself. But you are laboring under the misconception that I am motivated by vanity.

  3. I know it is not vanity. Eating disorders are part illness, part cultural.

    Modeling is a shity industry were models have to be miserable as a results of unreasonable pressure and standards.

    Your relationships with booze and food are troubled. The surgeon knows about your eating disorder. He puts pressure n you to lose weight.

    I know that even at 130, you would look stunning in your wool dress. Any guy would have a great time taking you out when you can eat normal portions of great fine dining. N

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