Fiat Lux

    The explosion at the ConEd plant that knocked out my neighborhood’s power.  Did you see this…?  It reminded me of video of Baghdad being bombed during the invasion.  Shit.  

(The explosion starts about 20 seconds in)


 The electricity was returned last night.

      Alle-freaking-luhia!!!  NO MORE SLEEPING IN MY SWEATS!

      Sooooooo muuuuuuch to get caught up on!   Where’s the adderall…?  Clean this place!  Prepare lesson for Monday morning!  Schedule independent secret job appointments!  Call Mom!  The Surgeon!  And I’m going to go see that new Denzel Washington movie with my AA group–it’s about an alcoholic.  

      Here’s some more photos:

“Patty’s Tacos?”  What sort of fucked-up confused name is that for a taco truck?  Are there any people named “PATTY” in Mexico? 

Help find this lost Beagle, Arthur!  Look at how scared he looks!

sucks bigtime

Blue sky returns

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