Greetings from a Village Refugee (Frankenstorm)

       Well, Frankenstorm was a total disaster.  You readers probably know that already by now. 

      The wind and rain were getting pretty nasty on Monday evening, but I really didn’t think it was that bad because I’d seen much worse in NYC.  I guess the tall buildings around my apartment building cut some of the wind.

        The lights started to flicker and went out at 8 PM.

       Then I was sitting in the dark, with 4 candles and a flashlight.  I started texting all my friends.  My friend V in Jersey still had power, and Mr. Wolf still had power way uptown.

      I read by flashlight for 2 hours and went to bed.  I assumed the power would be on when I woke up Tuesday morning.

       Haaahahahahaaahahahahaha….!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


        It’s been two days since the power went out in Lower Manhattan, and my cell phone signal went out yesterday morning.  I’m writing this from a UPS store in Chelsea.  This afternoon–cold and bored out of my mind–I put on my walking shoes and decided to walk uptown to electricity.  I was at 29th St. and 5th Ave. before the traffic lights came on. 

          So yeah, this really sucks.  I could myself fortunate–I’m not missing work, because all my jobs are closed down, and I didn’t DIE, unlike dozens of others.  My building isn’t flooded.  All that I have to contend with is boredom and the discomfort of being a little chilly.  A friend invited me to stay with her uptown where the light’s still on, but I can’t leave my birds. 

       I am kind of worried for them–they’re not supposed to be below 65*, and warmer is better.  I got some of those chemical warm packs you put in your pockets when you go hunting or camping, activated them, and put them in the bottom of the cages with soft washcloths on top.  I hope that helps. 

       I could buy some camping lanterns, but I’m not working this week and I don’t want to spend all the vacation money I made last week on stuff I won’t need in a few days. 

        Yeah, this sucks.

        I have lots of pictures of downed trees and storm mahem.  Will post once the power comes on and I can get them off my phone. 

3 thoughts on “Greetings from a Village Refugee (Frankenstorm)”

  1. I was worried for you. I am glad to know your are unharmed. Be safe when you go out. Catrastrophic failures and power outage do not bring the best out of men. Predators will be out on the prowl.

    Hope your birds make it through.

    Your friend who did not receive a text

  2. HELLO, my favorite Canadian paterfamilias!

    How’s the kid?

    Dude, it’s not like the movie “The Road.” You may be relieved to know that New Yorkers have been overwhelmingly neighborly towards one another in my neighborhood. People are trying to help each other.

    But yeah, it’s spooky at night. The Surgeon is stranded out town and demanding that I go to a hotel, but there’s not an available room in the city…and I can’t leave the birds. Or Captain Shackleton (my pearl gourami).

    There will be predatory assholes. Opportunity knocks, after all.

    I will be cautious. And anyone who comes into my home uninvited is going to get a very nasty surprise. You know what I’m talking about.

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