Mr. Wolf invited me over to his place tonight to celebrate our imminent doom in style.  

     “Want to have dinner in my neighborhood first, Little Red Ridinghood?” he asked.

      I peeked out my window.  “Are places still open in your neighborhood?  It’s getting awfully quiet around here.  And don’t you have to be at work early tomorrow?”

     “My office was evacuated!  I have the day off!  See you at ten.  And wear the same heels you wore last time!  I like them.”  

     Well, only if you twist my arm…!

     Getting paid to be dominated by a sexy hedonist in his luxury apartment.  There are worse ways to spend a Sunday evening. And the Surgeon’s out of town, so I’m safe.  

     Calling my Sponsor to reinforce my sobriety.  Then it’s time for big hair and fake eyelashes.  WHEEEEEEEEEEE!  

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