Summoned to Boston

      The view from the window on my left:

        I love to travel by train.  It’s quiet, the seats are spacious, the views are often picturesque.  You can work, if you have work to do.  Trains and train stations are romantic (before I turn 40, I intend to ride the Trans-Siberian Railway…EXCITING!).  Trains are the civilized way to travel.  I’ve heard that airway used to be glamorous, but in my experience it’s like riding a bus at 35,000 feet.  

        The Surgeon has summoned me to Boston.  He’s there on business and wants to play with me until he leaves.  

        This is the third time I’ve been to Boston with him.  I like the town a lot.  I’ve had some pretty crazy experiences there.

        Will update this blog if anything interesting happens.

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