Let’s Play Oppression Olympics!

      Well, I blew it in session at the Studio the other day.  I cracked up and couldn’t stop laughing.  Totally unprofessional, I know. The client, Jack, walked out.  

        But oh boy, was it worth it.  

        Let me tell you a little bit about this guy.  Normally I don’t talk much about clients because I feel like I ought to respect clients’ privacy.  I’m going to talk about Jack because I don’t respect him.  Actually, I hate him.  So does everyone else.  I bet his dog hates him.  Jack is an asshole.  He is a sadist for real.  The real deal.  Not like me.  The thrill for him is to offend the woman or make her endure something that she really doesn’t enjoy.  He pays very, very well.  I understand the logical process going on in his demented, inferior mind:  if the woman endures the session for the money, then she is the money-grubbing whore he believes her to be.  She has confirmed his prejudice.  If the woman calls the session off and walks out, then she forfeits a lot of money, and she still had to endure his abuse.  See the game?   He is truly a vile individual.

       He always goes after girls who are new to the industry.  He tries to get them when they are vulnerable, before they have good boundaries.  What an asshole, right?  He was one of my first sessions at the Superstudio.  Luckily, one of the senior women on staff warned me about him, so I knew what I was getting into before I walked through the door, and everything was fine.  I handled him, and didn’t get hurt or molested.  

        Well, the other day Jack called and wanted to see a new mistress.  Let’s call her “Kim.”  Kim is a pretty, petite African-American mistress.  She’s a tough cookie, but she’d heard all about Jack’s reputation, and she refused to see him by herself.  Another woman would have to be in the room, Kim said.  

       Oh–did I mention that Jack is RACIST?  Because he is.  He is a Hasidic Jew and he will not see Jewish mistresses.  Apparently they qualify as real human beings in his mind, and are therefore undeserving of his abuse.  Gentiles and everyone else are fair game, however.  And if she is black or Asian, he will say racist shit to her. Without fail.  I’ve heard about it.

       I said that I’m go in with Kim.  Jack doesn’t faze me.  Once I figured him out, I just started experiencing him as pathetic.  

         So, we suit up and go in.  

         Fifteen minutes later, right on schedule, Jack starts in with the racist bullshit.  Jack is 30 years old (where does a man that young get so much money?  His folks, I guess.  There is no other logical explanation).  He knows it is not nice to call black people “negroes.”  Among other things.  

         “Let’s pretend!” Jack says.  “You can be a negro slave on my plantation.”

           Oh. My. God. I thought. 

         Kim didn’t skip a beat.  “Sure, let’s play pretend!  We can also play Oppression Olympics!  You can get in that cage over there, and we can pretend that it’s Auschwitz!”

         Jack froze.  His jaw dropped open.  He’d been moving to take a drag off of his cigarette (strangely, he smokes Virginia Slims, the ladies’ brand–he must pilfer them from his mom or something), and his hand froze halfway to his mouth and stayed there, suspended in air.  

        I started to laugh. I think it was the expression on his face, even more than the pithy “oppression olympics” joke, that set me off.  

         I laughed.  And laughed.  And laughed.   Kim just stood there with a smirk on her face.  

        Jack was so mad that he just threw his cigarette on the floor and stormed out.  He didn’t even ask for his money back first.  He called back later to complain about Kim, but she didn’t get in any trouble because everyone knows what an asshole he is.  

       I bought Kim a 6-pack of her favorite beer.  

       Can you believe I got paid for that?  I got paid a hundred bucks for tickets to watch the Oppression Olympics!  Front row seats!

       Kim: 1

       Jack: 0 

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Oppression Olympics!”

  1. I really like this blog, and I love hearing about The Biz, but not this post. This post is like the dark side of the biz, where things truly get ugly. Two wrongs do not make a right, they just make two wrongs. Do you not see how shockingly aweful this all was? Did you laugh because your perceived it as humerous or because every other emotion couldn’t fully capture the sheer absence of humanity? Maybe he learned a lesson, but at what cost to the soul; hers, yours, and his? I know the dungeon is an unreal world, a place with suspended reality, like Alice’s rabbit hole, but somehow this read a little too raw to me. I’m glad you shared it, but I’m sorry it happened. I think there’s a way to play with plantation slavery and Nazi/Holocaust symbolism in a BDSM context, and it can be way hot if the head space is right — but this was not that. Jewish New Year is Monday, perhaps the client will start fresh and atone on Yom Kippur which follows the following week. That’s what I hope anyway. Sorry for the long, preachy post. It’s not really my place to opine on The Biz.

  2. Hi, Downlow!

    First: I don’t think that your comment was too long or preachy. And you can opine on The Biz all you like.

    I always appreciate getting feedback on my writing or my blog. Your comment induced a little self-reflection.

    I think that I’m a pretty sensitive, polite person. Really. I’m the sort of polite liberal who feels too awkward to laugh at Dave Chappelle’s racism stuff or “The Producers” movie.

    That said, I will tell you that I did not see this incident as ‘shockingly awful.’ I laughed because the situation was tense and over-the-top absurd. We were standing in this room that looked like a movie set, in costumes, and he is being a deplorable racist, and she insults him in the save vein. I laughed because it was so weird it was funny. And because it was incredible to see this deeply unkind fellow, Jack, speechless for once.

    Obviously, it is never appropriate to bring up someone’s cultural historical tragedy–like slavery, or the Holocaust–to hurt them.

    I have never done this, and never would. Please note that I was only watching in the room. I did laugh, and I said right away that laughing was wrong.

    And following the laugh–I must admit to you, Downlow, that I did not experience a “sheer absence of humanity” in that room. Jack walked because he was pissed that Kim sassed him and degraded him the same way he degraded her, and that ruined his sexual excitement. It is possible that he walked because he was hurt by the concentration camp reference, but knowing Jack as I do–and I hope you will defer to my knowledge in this matter–I vouch that he is not a sensitive or caring individual. At least in his actions with any of us.

    I honestly apologize if this post offended you, DownLow. When I wrote it, I didn’t think that it would offend anyone. Like I said, maybe I have a tin ear about this post. If that’s the case, I’ll admit it, or take it down or something.

    Finally: two wrongs don’t make a right, I agree. But this wasn’t the dark side of The Biz by a long shot. A racist Holocaust joke is pg-13 at the Studio.

    Sounds awful, and it is, but this business is about sexuality, power, and COMPULSION. Quite a vortex. People get weird in this vortex. They want, and do, and say things that they never otherwise would.

    I’m rambling…I’m sorry I you were offended and when I wrote this I had no idea that it would be insensitive. Basically, I thought that I was reporting.

    If you want to tell me more, of course I will read what you write.

    Have a great weekend and if you are Jewish, Happy New Year!

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