Good Girls Give Gifts

    The title of this blog post is a takeoff from one of my very early posts, Good Girls Get Gifts. 

     I presented the Surgeon with gifts to express my appreciation that he’d saved my ass from the landlord last month, basically.  He gave me a lot of cash.   Yeah, the motives are questionable, but he didn’t have to do it.

       I am a polite individual–the type who sends Thank-You cards for dinner parties and holiday gifts.  And I hate to shop, but I like to shop for gifts quite a lot.  The handful of people who know me best will tell you that I am a good gift-giver.  I select items only after much deliberation and consideration.

        I bought the Surgeon three gifts: a practical gift, a romantic gift, and a secret gift.

        This is the practical gift–heavy marble coasters purchased from the Evolution Store in SoHo.  I thought they were appropriate because he is a physician: 

        This is the romantic gift–a whittled conch shell.  It’s called the “heart” of the conch.  It is pink and beautiful and slippery smooth.  The Surgeon likes things from the ocean:

        He was given a secret gift, too.  I have to keep that one private.

       When he came to see me again, he brought a gift for me.  It was his own–first he strapped me with it, and then he bequeathed it to me.  I’m having it re-sized to fit me now, so that I can wear it myself:

         Ostrich skin is so supple and beautiful. It feels so soft –you’d have to handle it to understand.  I can’t keep my hands off of it.  The buckle is real silver, too.  Heavy.  I felt it.  He bought it at a conference out West.

         The Surgeon likes to wear the hides of unusual, strange creatures.  Ostrich, alligator, snakeskin, eel, crocodile.

           Perhaps that is why he still desires me.

2 thoughts on “Good Girls Give Gifts”

  1. Dear Miss Margo,

    Those coasters are really nice! I love the designs. I have four doctors in my immediate family and those are great gifts for an MD. The belt is also interesting. They make things out of ostrich skin? Learn something every day. It looks nice.


  2. Hi John!

    Yeah, the coasters were pretty cool. When you are in NYC again you should go to this store: The Evolution Store in SoHo. It is what the gift shop at the Museum of Natural History would be if it was high-end and, well, not devoted to public education. Skeletons, minerals, fossils, freeze-dried critters, bugs, all sorts of great stuff. Nice jewelry too.

    The Evolution Store also has a great website. You can google it and buy some things there.

    Ostrich skin is really strange. My understanding is that it is used primarily for boots (dress cowboy boots) and accessories like wallets and bags. I’ve seen it at the rodeo but never owned any till now.

    Feels soft, like lambskin, but it is not delicate.

    I hear ostrich is tasty, too, but I’ve never eaten it.

    I like ostriches. They look badass. I would never bother one; they kill people in Africa and they can run at like 40 mph.

    Thank you for reading! I always like to hear from you.

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