Dog of the Year: Greek Riot Dog Loukanikos

    Go, go Riot Dog Loukanikos! 

     Found this video on Max Keiser the other day.  At first I thought it had to be some weird joke, but then I googled Loukanikos  and found that he was real and has his own fan club.  DOG OF THE YEAR!  I’m in love!  

     I’m working on a blog post about Loukanikos  and the other Greek riot dogs for Craven Desires.  

 Music is Ennio Morricone, The Ecstasy of Gold.  Morricone’s the guy who did all the spaghetti westerns.  I really like westerns.  I took a weird random class as an undergrad–The Western as Literature.  It turned out to be one of the best English courses I ever took.  The professor taught the hell out of it.  The first Western, should anyone ever ask you, was The Last of the Mohicans.

       Anyway, if I could sing like this lady here, I’d never shut up.  As it is, I can’t sing “Happy Birthday” without musical accompaniment–I can’t keep tune.  

      How can people like Morricone come up with shit like this?  I mean, really.  I can’t imagine playing it, much less inventing it.  It’s like when you watch someone draw–it’s like magic if you can’t do it.   

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