When the Biz is Good, it’s Very, Very Good

    I was torn about whether to post this–taking pictures of yourself holding money is tacky, posting them is uber tacky, and telling everyone your plans for the money in the pictures pretty much confirms that you are a member of the lumpenproletariat.   Or that you are making a bad hip hop video.  

     On the other hand, part of this blog is about my adventures in the Biz, and yesterday’s windfall is certainly relevant to that.  My impending retirement is making me introspective.  

      Well, enough editorializing.  Here it is:

Yes, Margo, it actually happened.  

       Yesterday was the single most lucrative day I have ever had at this job.  I made $550 between 3 and 6 PM.  


       I hopped in a cab and went immediately to the bank, where I got the cash off my person as quickly as possible.  Carrying more than about sixty bucks on me makes me nervous.   

       Now I am going to do laundry and pay bills.  It’ll be nice.  

2 thoughts on “When the Biz is Good, it’s Very, Very Good”

  1. *GROAN*

    Lord have mercy.

    Well, I told him the last time he posted here that I would engage with him on any of the pit bull war blogs–including your own, Dawn–but that I wouldn’t do it here. I’ll publish his comments, but this really is not the appropriate forum to discuss those topics.

    Tangentially: I’ve probably said this before, but remind me never to piss you off. I’m consistently impressed with the way you get the scoop on these guys (or women). The way you handled Ryan/Pit Nutter was skillful, very skillful indeed! I took notes. You have a developed aesthetic.

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