This is Bad

    Well, I’ve got a problem.

     My landlord sent me a letter telling me that he does not intend to renew my lease at the end of July.

     I’m trying to remain calm and not overreact, but this is a pretty serious situation.  

     I’m not going to call him today–I need to make a few calls and see exactly what resources are available to me.  I wish that I had more people in my life that I could ask for advice.  I’ll ask for suggestions at my more affluent AA group.  

     Tomorrow I’ll call him and ask him what I can do to remain in my apartment.  I don’t see why he wouldn’t be open to negotiation–if I leave, he’ll have to repaint the place, show it, yadda yadda.  I’m all paid up with him right now; it’s not like I owe him money.  

      I am hoping that he just wants money up front–a few months in advance.  

       But how on earth am I going to get my hands on that much money–either to give to him, or to secure a new apartment?  No bank is going to give me a loan.  I have exactly three family members.  

       My Mom might help if she can.  I’ve never asked her for money before, even for school, so she’ll know that if I’m asking now it’s pretty serious.  The thought of having to ask her is very, very uncomfortable to me, however.  

      I am NOT moving back there.  I will join the goddamned ARMY and go to South Korea or Afghanistan before I go back there.  NOT HAPPENING.  

      See, I’m getting ahead of myself…I need to go.

      One way or another, I’ll find a way to get through this.  Lord knows I’ve gotten through worse.  

       Ugh…anyway, if anyone out there has any suggestions, please feel free to shoot me a comment or an email:  

4 thoughts on “This is Bad”

  1. Hi M.,
    I know you will find a way to make it. Since A. is no longer your roommate, do you have a reliable one?
    No, you do not have to go back to R. Why, on your decision flowchart, is there always an arrow pointing to “going back to R. in disgrace?”

  2. Try the Metropolitan Council On Housing. Easy Google find. Excellent free pro tenant advice. They’ve been around many years. NYC is a very pro-tenant town. However every damn landlord in the city is gouging us for big rent increases. Despite record low mortgage rates, few qualify these days and the buy market is flat. However the robber baron mentality is alive and well in the hearts and minds of every landlord in town. It’s just absurdly unfair.
    Let me know if you want to talk. Hopefully you can make a deal.

  3. Hi E:

    Yes, I have an EXCELLENT roommate and I will do my best to hang on to her. She’s great and she only uses the apartment a few days a week, so I have a ton of privacy.

    Thanks a lot for inquiring, friend.


    Thanks for the advice. I used it.

    And yeah, the rents in this town are goddamned preposterous and frankly, I think that my landlord is being a dick. I’ll walk before I give this guy five months.

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