“That’s What You Get.”

   Update 9:45  AM  
    Okay I feel much better now.

     Why doesn’t the iPhone come with an instruction manual?  I’m a moron; somebody help me.  I can’t get my photos off of it.  They are fun to look at on the phone, but I have to get them to the blog.  

    P.S.   Parrot flew to one of my bookshelves and ATE most of a book.  I hope it’s not toxic!  Books aren’t toxic, right?  They can’t be, or else kids would die from them. 

          *                   *                  *                 *              * 

   AAARGH I had the most awful dream last night!

    I have a date with Spencer tonight and I dreamed he didn’t know about the Surgeon and went to the Surgeon for surgery.  The Surgeon did it wrong on purpose to punish me and made Spencer paralyzed, as if he’d had a stroke.  

     And the Surgeon got away with it, too!  He sent me roses and wrote me a note: that’s what you get. 

      Major panic!  I haven’t had a bad dream about an ex like that since John!  

      I am going to the gym.  I have to get this out of my head. 

2 thoughts on ““That’s What You Get.””

  1. Hi Miss Margo,

    Connect you iphone via your usb. Do you have a mac? If so, go to launchpad and start iphoto. You will see devices to the left. Click on that and your images come up. You can then select them with the mouse and hit ‘import selected’ at the bottom right. Ironically, if you have a windows machine, it is even easier. Plug in iphone via usb. Go to computer, my computer or whatever they are calling it now to look at your storage. You will have a portable devices icon shown. Double left click on it to move through the series of nested folders, you will eventually find your pictures in there. You can copy paste them.

  2. Hi DubV:

    Why, this is a pleasant surprise! My blog obviously isn’t about the pit bull wars, but you are welcome here any time, and your advice is much appreciated.

    I did the “my computer” thing and viola!

    Thanks DubV! Love your comments on CD. Hope you’re well.

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