Word to the Wise: Don’t Offer KMart Blue Light Specials on Sadomasochism

   The Following is a Public Service Announcement from Miss Margo S&M Productions:

    If you are a professional practitioner of sadomasochism, M. Margo heartily advises you to learn from her mistakes and do not, under any circumstances, reduce your fees for services provided.  

     Miss Margo was persuaded to try this an hour ago by an acquaintance who makes oodles and oodles of money.  Hoping to enjoy similar success, Margo published an advert proffering her rarefied talents for a new low fee.  

     Much to her dismay, it appears that every drunk, broke, crazy chumpass motherfucking wackadoodle in the Tri-State area (and beyond!) shares some sort of party line.  Maybe it’s a special package offer by Metro PCS or something.  

     Miss Margo pulled her ad in less than an hour and is going home to scour herself with a brillo pad and antibacterial soap.  

     May you never communicate with the creatures she has recently communicated with. Spare yourself.  Do not charge less than the going market rate. 

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