Cute New York Dogs and Memories of Pepper

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  I have dog fever, for whatever reason.  I want to pet and cuddle with almost every dog I see on the street.  Can’t wait till I get one of my own again.
      My last dog was a whippet mix we adopted for free out of the newspaper.  I’ll never forget the first time I laid eyes on her.  The owner had a toddler, and the toddler was holding a milk bottle in one hand and a soggy oreo cookie in the other.  I watched Pepper, the dog, quietly emerge from the kitchen.  It was clear that she had a plan.  She walked up to the toddler and gently–ever so gently!–pulled it out of the baby’s hand and ate it.  The kid didn’t even perceive it was missing at first. 
      That is the first impression she made of me: gentleness and self-control.  Most dogs, including my boisterous, goofy golden retriever, would have bowled that kid right over to get the cookie.  Pepper was a delicate, calm dog.  So gentle with that baby!   
       Dogs are so special.  Super special.  I never had a favorite dog–I just loved each one in a different way.  
       When I get a dog again, I’ll probably get a whippet or greyhound or one of their mixes.  Maybe a borzoi or saluki.  Sighthounds are nice and calm and quiet, which I like.  Not the smartest dogs, but whatever.  Everything in life is a tradeoff. 
       I also like mutts.  Really weird-looking Heinz-57 types that don’t look like any other dog in the world.   
            One great thing about NYC is all the dogs one gets to see!  More dogs than you can shake a stick at.  I like to take pictures of them if their owners don’t mind.  People love to talk about their dogs.  It brings out the best in them. 
      Here are four awesome cute dogs outside of a coffee shop in my neighborhood!  SO CUTE!  What kind of dog is that GORGEOUS one at the very front?  Is it a mini queensland or something?  The shaggy one with the dapple coat and white toes!  So pretty!  AWWWWW!

   Here is a cute dog in a blanket!  His owner says his name is MIDAS!  Look at those big soulful eyes!

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