“What Can I Do To You? ANYTHING!”

    Heh. The stories I could tell you.  

    The Surgeon is surprisingly, shockingly strong.  Like an ant.  His hands flew like birds to the most vulnerable parts of me, grinding bruised flesh into the bone and pressing against the nerve on the outside of my elbow and underneath my armpit.  

     Biting me.  His teeth would plunge and rear, plunge and rear.  

     MINE.  We need each other!  You will belong to me FOREVER!

      It felt like my mind was breaking apart.  I was an animal–naked, defenseless, without guile or pretense.  

      What can I do to you..?!   ANYTHING!

     It’s important to note: this wasn’t sexy pillow talk.  The Surgeon never did that shit.  I mean, he was definitely one of the all-time great bullshitters, but he knew straight away that he couldn’t bullshit me, so he almost never tried.  

       Anyway: he meant it.  Meant every word.  

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