The Attorney (III): M. Margo Has To Learn the Hardest Way

  I wish to preface this post with an announcement: I am not fishing for or deserving of sympathy.  Two very knowledgeable individuals–three, of you count my logical mind–told me exactly what was going to happen if I saw this man again. 

                       *                  *                  *                     * 

      As I write this, most of my skin hurts.  Pretty badly.  Badly enough for me to eat Advil and fetch a bottle of the baby-teething pain cream from the pharmacy (you can rub it on your skin unless the wound is open–it really helps).  

       Early this morning, I sent the Attorney an email cancelling our appointment.  I claimed a personal emergency; a face-saving excuse.  

         He showed up anyway, and claimed that he did not get the email.  

       What are the odds?  I know you know, Gentle Reader.  

       I saw him.  Yes, I did..!  Pour me a Manhattan cocktail with extra cherries, please.  

        We talked for fifteen minutes about thus-and-such.  The weather! How do you train at the gym? Good movies?  

         I deliberately put myself into my pro top frame of mind: you are in charge of this.  You dictate when it will begin and under which circumstances.  He is a stranger in your space.  Everyone who comes to see you is scared to death.  

      “I’ll definitely remember that, but we should get started,” I said, I babbled.  Babble babble babble.  I completely forgot one of the first rules, which is: let them to 90% of the talking.  “No big rush, but I have to keep a schedule.  Do you wish to begin with anything in particular?  Are you nervous? Most people are nervous.  I tell them that everything is going to be great.”

        He looked me.  He had this bird-like look, like a hawk. He didn’t do that greedy compulsive up-and-down look most guys do.  He was looking me right in the eyes.  It was who kept glancing at the space of wall just beside his face, or his shoulders, or out the window.  This is NOT typical of me.  I’m a starer.  I gaze.  Enough people have commented on it for me to trust that it is true.

        He said: “No, I’m not nervous at all.” 

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