Is this Passive-Aggressive…?

      Mom’s in the shower and this is too hilarious not to share.  

      Okay, so–last Mother’s Day, I didn’t send my Mom a card.  I sent a nice gift and a hugeass bouquet of flowers, though, and the flowers came with a card.   I thought that was enough, right (and yeah, I called)?

     Well, apparently Mom had a different impression…!

     After she got here, Mom showed me a few things she brought for me.  

      One of them was a bag with two self-addressed stamped envelopes containing new Mother’s Day cards.

     “Now you’ll always have a card to send me!” she said.

      I rushed for my camera the minute she was out of sight.  

      Readers, please weigh in–you can comment anonymously: are these cards passive-aggressive?  Or just aggressive?  

      Or just Mom-hilarious?  



2 thoughts on “Is this Passive-Aggressive…?”

  1. Dear Miss Margo,

    I vote for Mom-Hilarious. I bet your mother’s thought process runs something like this. My daughter does not have a lot of money, and she spent so much on flowers and a gift. She’s also very busy. I will help her by getting her cards to send me, that way she won’t have to bother.

    What makes this hilarious, though, are the stamps and addresses on the envelopes.

    I think it takes a long time for parents to stop seeing their offspring as children who need every little thing done for them. Taking care of children was probably the most emotionally rewarding thing they ever did, so they don’t let it go easily, and people in general change slowly. Even though you objectively can address an envelope, she wanted to do that for you. It makes her feel good.

    Anyway, I think it is pretty cute.


  2. Hi John;

    Thanks for your input.

    I have to tell you–at first I was inclined to believe it was probably passive-aggressive, but after observing my mother for the last few days, I really think that you are right.

    Every time we go somewhere, before we leave the house, Mom says: “It’s cold outside! Are you sure you don’t want to wear something warmer? Why don’t you take a scarf? Here, I’ll carry it for you!”

    I mean, really, how old am I? I’ve been living on my own since I was 18! I know how to dress myself!

    Today I was peeling an orange on the sofa. Mom went and fetched a paper towel and brought it to me. “Do that on the paper towel! Don’t drop it on the floor!”

    “Okay.” (submissively takes the paper towel)

    In general, she treats me like an adult and respects my autonomy, but you are right: there seems to be some subconscious impulse to “take care of things.”

    Mom-hilarious it is. I’m surprised she didn’t make out the greetings inside and leave a space for me to sign my name before I mailed them off, ha ha.

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