Assault with Hairbrush

The Dread Hairbrush of Doom–surprisingly effective at a weapon!  Only $13.99 at your local pharmacy!

       I met a man today.  We sat in a plaza and had a casual conversation, getting to know one another.  Then we took a stroll to the nearby Duane Reade, where he purchased a bar of Ivory soap and a wooden hairbrush.

     I brought him back to my space.  There, my demeanor changed all at once, as if by alchemy.  I became stern, I spoke in a very precise fashion.  You know that “voice of GOD” you use on dogs?  I used it on him.  

    I beat the holy hell out of him with that hairbrush.  It proved to be a fearsome implement.  I was impressed (though of course I couldn’t tell him that–he asked, “Did I take it well, Miss Margo?”  I said, “Yes, pretty well.  You’ll do better next time.”).  I am a pretty very serious masochist, and I do not think that I could endure what he endured.  I beat that man to pulp.  My arm hurts at the elbow.

Hairbrush, where have you been all my life?!

      Then I washed his mouth out with soap.  He hadn’t cursed or used profanity in my presence, so I had to fabricate a pretext for the punishment.  I said that I knew he was bad.  Bad, bad, bad.  Incorrigible and in desperate need of consistently applied maternal discipline.  Don’t drop that soap out of your mouth while I’m hitting you.  Don’t you dare.  You keep that soap where I placed it.

     He left floating on air.  

     Some days, I love being a sadist.  I gave him my card–my secret job card–it says, “M. Margo: Oppressor for Hire.”  I love it.  

4 thoughts on “Assault with Hairbrush”

  1. Miss Margo,

    This story is very sexy, and I’ve never been into any domestic discipline, hairbrush spanking sort of fantasies. The photos of you holding the dread brush are hot, mainly because you write so casually of beating a man with it. That’s one of the things I love about S&M, the beating is much more important to the masochist than to the sadist. The feelings much more intense. I doubt he would write about the brush with the same amused tone.


  2. Thanks for the nice comment, John! I’m glad that you enjoyed this story. I had a fun time doing it.

    Your observation about the importance of the beating to the masochist vs. the sadist is interesting to me. Personally, I find that when I’m on the receiving end, I like it more when I feel like the Top is hurting me because he really wants to do it.

    I couldn’t help but be amused as I was looking at the spectacle of a grown man with a bar of ivory soap in his mouth. It was pretty comical.

    I don’t think that I would ever do such a thing to a child. Grown-ups are fair game, however.

  3. Miss Margo,

    I was thinking about the roles of sadist and masochist and how each gets something very different from a scene. The top gets an opportunity to focus, the self is centered on the task, and the top is clearly differentiated from the bottom. The bottom is in pain, but the top does not feel that pain. The empathy that makes us feel connected to one another is not there. This is the fantasy that the bottom gives the top. The top is free from others, at least in the sadistic act, and feels an integration that comes from the intense focus.

    The bottom, on the other hand, is undergoing the destruction of their integrity. They are not differentiated from another person, quite the opposite. Rather than being focused, the masochist has emotions running over their ability to contain them. The bottom is put in a place of disintegration. The bottom is under the control of another. This ego destruction and blurring of boundaries between the self and another produces a euphoria of transcendence.

    So I see the bottom’s emotions as being much more intense. For the bottom the trauma produces an experience of transcendence. So, the trauma would be recalled when seeing or thinking about the instrument used, such as the hair brush.

    This is my theory of the reciprocity of s & m. This is what I meant when I wrote that the bottom would not speak with the same tone as you do about the brush. The beating is more important to the bottom in the sense that it is more traumatic, and therefore the memory has powerful emotions associated with it – fear, horror, anger, in addition to the transcendence. Like you, I really enjoy when the top is getting off on hurting me. Sometimes, with dominatrices it can be mechanical. Sometimes, I can tell that the sadist is getting something from it and, whatever it is, that response to hurting me is growing in them, pushing them on. When that has happened, I feel like we are both riding a wave together. Like a perfect yin and yang.


  4. John, I like all your comments, but I think that I appreciate this one the most except for the ones in which you shared your advice about my troubles with drinking.

    It’s the damndest thing–I really am a Switch (though unbalanced, and tilted towards the Bottom)–and one would think, therefore, that I would automatically grok, or at least understand, both sides of the polarity. I guess I still have a lot to learn. Which is fine! There is always more to learn in S/M.

    Your post gave me a lot to ruminate about.

    I don’t know if I can get to it all tonight, but I’ll cover the first things:
    “The bottom is in pain, but the top does not feel that pain. The empathy that makes us feel connected to one another is not there. This is the fantasy that the bottom gives the top. The top is free from others, at least in the sadistic act, and feels an integration that comes from the intense focus.”

    For what it’s worth, I was just discussing this with my expensive analyst yesterday, after I’d conducted a very harrowing session. Very, very intense.

    The highest peak of the Sadistic thrill–at least for me–is being able to EMPATHIZE with the bottom, and thus understand and relate to what they are enduring, but to have no SYMPATHY for them. All compassion frozen. I don’t think there is a word or term for this emotion in the English language. We call it “power rush,” but that is so inadequate. It is this..omnipotence, cold and clear (at least for me).

    I totally agree: “the destruction of their integrity.” Excellent phrase, John. That is exactly what it is. Most recently, I was considering it to be oppression and a violation of boundaries, but yours is more poetic. Anyway, it’s not a contest.

    “A position of disintegration.” True, true. In some of my writings here about beatings and the Surgeon, I remark about how I was “obliterated.” This was not because I was drunk (the other term for obliterated). The beating rendered me obliterated.

    Okay, more tomorrow, I hope! Can’t promise. But I’ll try to address other points in this comment again; it’s a good one.

    I hope you are well, and thanks for reading.

    Keep coming back! lol


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