New York Cockroaches are Truly Immortal

   I am revolted by most insects, especially cockroaches. (Incidentally, I realize that my fear of them is truly silly).  I have blogged about my encounters with Manhattan insects (should you feel compelled to explore these experiences for yourself) here and here.      

  The other night I got up around 3 AM to use the restroom. I hate flipping on the light in the middle of the night, because that is when I am most likely to see a roach, fleeing, usually out of the corner of my eye–those hideous beasts are fast.  Don’t get the wrong idea, please, my apartment is not a roach-festival–I lay down a million traps and keep a pretty clean place–but I cannot spray insecticides  because of my pet birds and fish.  So every now and then I come across a roach.  Why am I justifying this to you, gentle reader?  If you are from the tri-state area, you know that they are a fact of life here.  

    So, I’m sitting in the restroom, bleary-eyed, mostly asleep, and what do I see in the bathtub but a disgusting cockroach?  At least he was very small and relatively inoffensive.  At 3 AM, I was in no mood to physically engage him (as if I ever am), so I grabbed the bleach from underneath the sink, set the nozzle to ‘stream,’ and soaked him.  Soaked him.  If I soaked you with bleach in that manner, gentle reader, you would die.  I am certain of it.  

      The roach rolled over onto its back and appeared to be perishing.  

      I washed my hands and went to back to bed, thinking that I would wash his body down the drain in the morning.

     Well, guess what (I know that you know where this is going).

     I rolled out of bed later that morning and went to take a shower.  

      There was no dead roach in the bathtub.  Or the bathroom.  I searched and searched.

       Somehow, improbably, he survived.  Not only did he live, he managed to run away home.   

      How?  How? 

2 thoughts on “New York Cockroaches are Truly Immortal”

  1. Greeting, Anonymous! I have no idea who you are, but Sitemeter suggests that you might be a visitor from Trinidad and Tobago. COOL!

    Alas, with the exception of exotic pets, there are no lizards, indigenous or otherwise, in NYC. The winters are far too cold for reptiles.

    I would be glad to have roach-eating lizards canvassing my apartment for disgusting cockroaches. Lizards are awesome.

    Thank you for reading. Please come back any time!

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