Wardrobe Decision FAIL

    Oh my God–what was I thinking…?  When I was running out the door this morning, I forgot that when we meet guests for consultation at The Superstudio, we do it dressed in street clothes (at the other Houses I’ve worked at, we said Hi to them wearing our fancy clothes).  

    Therefore, it’s important to put a little thought into what you wear to work.  You want to look pretty, polished.


    A shirt with a cartoon penguin on it and the word “LOVE” over its head!!!  The ‘o’ in “love” is shaped like a heart.  And sneakers!  Oh my God.  I look fourteen years old.  
*                                            *                                   *                                     *

Update:  I just spoke to a guy who made me nervous.  He had no idea what he wanted.  You don’t come in to a place like this and not know what you want–it just doesn’t happen that way.  Novices are one thing, but this dude had no clue.  He asked, “What do you suggest?”  Ummmm…I suggest no illegal activities, Mr. Man!  You know that this is a totally legit establishment, right?  He asked, “So, do you have a bedroom here?  A shower?”  Ummm, why would you care, Mr. Man?  You have those in your house, don’t you?  Do you think that the management charges such high fees to provide such pedestrian things?  He asks, “What are your fees?  Do you work outside of here?  Can I get your number?”  Ummm, take it up with the receptionist Mr. Man!  I don’t talk money.  That is dangerous.

      This guy is LE.  I’m telling Frau Farbissina.  I’m not going to see him and if he stays to spend time with someone else, I am going out to lunch until he’s GONE.

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