Crickets and Tumbleweeds at THE SUPERSTUDIO–Glamazons Going Hunting

      Update 11:55 PM   Well, I made a booking, so that’s good.  But he paid with a credit card!  LAME!  Why did you pay with your AMEX, Mr. Man with Wedding Ring?  How are you going to explain the charge to Wackadoodle Productions on your bill if your other half inquires? 
       I don’t get the money from the CC until next week.  Not helpful!

                *                  *                         *                   * 

      WHERE oh WHERE are the MENZ?  Fucking shopping for Christmas presents at Toys R Us?  Getting wasted over steaks at The Palm? Watching DVDs with their wives?  I have no idea, but they’re not here…!

      Nobody’s turned a dime all night. It’s the slowest Saturday night in recent history. You should see this place.  All these gorgeous women hanging around, Tweeting and emailing and eating poptarts in their finery  (I took a nap and then did pushups and situps and then freaked out in the corner over my monetary situation).  

     Since men are not coming here, we are going to go to them.  Hunting expedition!  Not that much hunting is involved when you are a girl.  More like gathering.  Guys are basically just lying there, waiting to be picked up.  Whether or not anyone worthwhile is around is another question, however.   

     We are going to a party to forage.  Wish me luck.  I’ll take notes from the others; I’m not particularly extroverted and I don’t like hustling.  

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