Occupy Wall Street V (Get Martin Luther On Its Ass)

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      A fellow I know who’s been attending a lot of the OWS protests is optimistic about the movement’s potential to make policy change. I, however, remain skeptical.  There is no doubt that the movement has gained incredible momentum.  A slew of thoughtful journalism pieces have finally emerged about it–check out this piece at The Atlantic Magazine’s website and another at The New York Review of Books.  About fucking time.  The condescending attitude of the press toward OWS has really rankled me–not sure why, since I never had any reason to expect they would treat us any differently.  I’ve stopped being polite about defending OWS.  The other day, someone asked me, “What are you protesting, really?  What are you trying to stop?  GREED?”  

      Sorry, asshole, I know what a CDO-squared is.  How about that?  And what’s wrong with protesting greed?  Disgrace and public shaming are effective mechanisms of social control.  You would realize that if you had even rudimentary powers of observation.  

      I’m sick and tired of hand-wringing.  I personally do not object to the use of force–in fact, I feel absolutely pitiless.  I disagree with the Right about many things, but they are absolutely right when they say that the Left is destructive.  The Left is destructive.  Destruction is its essence–destruction and the ceaseless urge forward, toward some idealized future (The Right goes the other way–backward, a return to some idealized past).  

       Some things deserve to be destroyed.  

       Occupy Wall Street.  Take it, seize it, appropriate it, scrutinize it, investigate it, abolish it, humiliate it, pick it apart, break it and put it back together as it should be.  Get Martin Luther on its ass.  People say, oh, it’s a huge institution, it can’t be changed, but that’s bullshit.  Like all institutions, it is comprised of individuals.  They have name and addresses.  

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