Occupy Wall Street IV (Solidarity with Veterans and Occupy Oakland)

TyRANTosaurus Margo!

     I’m downtown around Wall Street today, all day.  Between the march, my student, and whomever else I see today, I expect to kick a lot of ass.

     Occupation out of principle, staying for profit.

     Click any photo to enlarge.

Brooklyn Bridge, obviously.
Set up in Liberty Park


Don’t let anyone tell you OWS is a “rabble”–they’re not–it’s clean and organized, not a hobo camp.  

This dude was very popular.  Amen, brother.
MOST WANTED List–Call the Sheriff…

Sweep out zombie politicians
10 years is long enough–and Iraq was predicated on a fucking fraud
Take it.  It belongs to us; it always did.
Not going anywhere.

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