A Dangerous Method II

     Nice quote:

She was very clearly a masochist, but speaking to psychoanalysts, they tell you that sadomasochism is always a circle, so the masochist is always looking for a sadist and will force people into that role, and even become the sadist themselves in order to form that circle. So I thought that was really interesting, the manipulation is strangely powerful. At the same time as she plays the victim, she’s creating these situations and manipulating them. There are these complex things, these opposites at work, which made an interesting dynamic.

  Apt, very apt, even if she didn’t come up with any of it herself.  And here I always assumed Keira Knightley was vapid or, at minimum, an only nominally talented actress.  She sounds quite informed in this interview, so I hope I am wrong about her. (In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I have always been fiercely and sickly jealous of her clavicles.)

     I look forward to seeing the film, but am still afraid that it will be howling, unintentional comedy.

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