I love staircases and stairwells, especially when they are old and beautiful like this one.  I wish that there was a coffee-table book devoted to stairwell photography.  I would buy it.  Click any photo to enlarge:

      This is, obviously, a sunbathing squirrel.  He was chilling out in Tompkins Square Park.  I was there to get tips from the hobos about how to survive in the Park if I don’t get a freaking job pretty soon.  Anyway, the squirrel was interesting to me because I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a squirrel sitting still for more than a few seconds.  Doesn’t he look cute?  I love squirrels.  I think they are awesome!  I wonder if they have soft fur.

Squirrel chillin’

       This is a water fountain erected by a Temperance Movement organization in Tompkins Square Park.  I found it by accident, but I recognized what it was when I saw it.  The Temperance Movement contributed a lot of public water fountains all over the nation.  They wanted to give thirsty people the option of getting a drink without having to set foot in a saloon.  I believe the aim was twofold: to give people the option of having a free, non-alcoholic beverage, and to keep them–especially women and children–from being exposed to the  ‘degeneracy’ in bars.  If you look around, there is probably a Temperance Movement water fountain in your community.  They’re all over the place if you know how to look.  Pretty neat, if you’re a history geek!

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