Pics, or It Didn’t Happen

    I have a ton of them I’ll be editing once I get home and it’s safe (re: private).   In the meantime, here are a few.

    Being used by a narcissist with sociopathic tendencies has its benefits (I realize that does not exactly flatter me).  Will have to run that one by my analyst.

     This hotel is GORGEOUS.  And I saw a real live macaw!  She was magnificent.  That was probably my favorite part.  I got to scratch her head.  If I was rich, I’d get a macaw for sure.  Well, maybe not–they are awfully loud and it’s cruel to cage them (I do not believe large parrots should be kept as pets unless they are licensed,  registered, and housed in an aviary, like kestrels).  But I would get an eclectus.  A pair of them!  I will name the boy KERMIT.
     Anyway, enough about parrots.  You know how I am, gentle reader.  I could talk about parrots all day.  Moving on:

Dressing for Dinner

The same

I got to observe The Rich in their natural habitat. 

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