More Photos (Oct Trip)

Beautiful view, but oceans smell weird, and I don’t trust them.   They are important for  the ecosystem, however. 

The hotel has honest-to-God functioning telephone booths.  With doors, as you see.  I remember them vaguely from my early childhood, but none had wooded paneling or oil artwork hanging inside. I thought this was funny, like gold-plating a tissue box.
Fountains are universally beloved.  There must be a psychological  explanation for this.  
If I were a plant, I would be a cactus.  But not one from Mexico.  Definitely  not.
Home again, Home again!  Landing at the airport.
Look how overjoyed Parrot is to get veggies when I returned home!  Parrot is so beautiful.  I wish I was as  beautiful as Parrot.  

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