Notes, Continued

Sorry about that…!  Skipped town for a few nights.  It did me well.
Where was I…? 
Oh yes, the lone neon tetra, and identifying with him in the middle of the night.  Rather taxing on one’s sanity and peace of mind, that. 
There are a lot of things in society that strike me as incomprehensible or deeply weird.  I suppose  everyone feels this way sometimes, but I feel this way a lot, and I’m not a teenager anymore. 
Let me share some examples to better illustrate my point.
Note to Self: This is What Happens to Junkies 
 Cops.  I don’t watch much television, but I will watch this.  I love Cops.  I never get tired of it.  Sometimes it’s comical and sometimes it’s sad, but mostly I just watch it in amazement, as if I was seeing Brian Williams broadcasting live from Planet Mars.  I can’t believe the situations I see people getting themselves in to.  I wish that I could ask them, “Hey fella, why are you behaving that way?”  The other night I watched the police pull over two dudes in a truck for driving about 90 on the highway.  After they were pulled over, the cops found out that the vehicle was uninsured, the two guys were on probation, and there was a huge duffel bag full of marijuana in the trunk.  Which begs the question (one of many): why were they speeding?  I would not speed if I had a bag of weed in my trunk.  I know you would not speed either, good reader.  I am certain of it.  You have too much sense. 
 Another one: tabloids and celebrity magazines.  This one has bothered me for many years.  I read the covers while I stand in line at the store.  The covers change quickly, so they must be publishing tons of them, which means that a lot of people buy them, presumably for reading.  They must be hugely popular .  But I ask myself: who is reading these things?  Because I don’t know anyone personally who reads them.  It is true that I am not exactly a social maven, but still, I get around.  I don’t know anyone who reads these magazines.  So who does?   Almost everyone else except me, or what?  
“Real Brides” as opposed to what, exactly?
 Same thing goes for wedding magazines.  I cannot account for their popularity.  I know a lot of people are getting married at any given time, but even if you were getting married in the near future, how many editions of a wedding magazine would one be compelled to buy?  1,2,3…?  Do people who are not wedding planners subscribe to bride magazines?