Horray for XX Chromosomes and their Attendent Worries

     UPDATE 09/17    Everything’s fine…FINALLY.  It’s a little funny–for the first time in my life, I was absolutely delighted to get my period.
                                *                      *                   *            *                 *

      I understand that this post is in poor taste, but I’m going to throw it out there anyway…this situation is starting to concern me.  Maybe a reader has a suggestion for me…?  I surely haven’t told anyone else in my life about this.

      I’m late. Quite late.

      Pregnancy is a possibility, but a highly improbable one (I have taken excellent precautions).  Bought a test at the drug store today and it was negative.

      I’m thin, but not that thin, sorry to say.

      What could be going on?  I guess I’ll wait another week, keep testing, and go see a doctor if nothing happens.


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