Moving an Aquarium

     I needed to move a heavy glass aquarium to a different position in my apartment.  Even after I’d mostly drained it of water, it was still too cumbersome and weighty for me to handle by myself. 

      I consulted Craigslist and made a few calls, and eventually hired two fellows from a moving service to come over and do the job.  They did it in less than ten minutes.  Cost me fifty dollars–that was the cheapest quote I could find.

      Afterward, I was struck by a realization and a terrible sadness.  Not about the fee I had to pay, which I considered frankly exorbitant 

      There was not a single male in my life, much less two, that I could have called on to help me accomplish this chore.  I had to hire strangers. 

       The pain this realization caused me was not self-pity.  I have no sympathy for myself whatsoever.  It is I who have done this to myself.  

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