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Howdy, 8 readers.  Thanks for your patience.  I spent two weeks in rehab, where I was analyzed by various shrinks who specialize in addiction medicine, and another week isolated with the Collector out in the boondocks in Colorado.  If he reads this, I am going to  be fucked, but I don’t think that he is because he would definitely tell me.

Before I get down to the personal stuff, I’d like to draw your attention to this: Backpage has delisted all of its adult services ads due to government pressure.  It just happened last night, while I was asleep!  Do you realize what a disaster this is for sex workers?  They even stopped ads for legal services, like BDSM/fetish and exotic dancing!  Apparently, we’re promoting sex slavery by advertising sales of smelly gym socks and spanking Stanford MBAs. What a crock!

I get 50% of my new clientele from Backpage, and I’m going back to work this week and I’m freaking out! I can only hope that most of my clients saved my email, phone number, and website address–but I know that since approximately 80% of them are MARRIED and their wives have no idea about their kinky pervy fetishes, they delete everything to keep themselves safe!

In my experience, almost nobody wants to session with exploited “trafficked” teenagers, either because they’re afraid of the legal ramifications or because they find the notion morally abhorrent.  I’ve met some truly awful “clients” in this Biz, but the majority don’t want to hurt anyone.  The idea that Backpage is a hotbed of predators seeking to exploit unwilling, pimped-out teens (the justification used for this political witch-hunt) is preposterous.

What a shitshow.


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  1. Can I ask where you advertise to get the other 50 percent of new clients?

    I’m a fetish worker too, and I got literally 100 percent of all clients from BP. I can make do with regulars for a month or so, but after that I’ll be in a bad spot if I can’t find another way to advertise. I’m in Southern CA if that makes a difference. (I don’t use EROS because it requires an ID and I don’t feel comfortable sharing that much of my info. I don’t use TER as I am not a full service worker).

    1. Hi! The way to get around EROS is to order a fake ID from Reddit: Get one from a “verified merchant.” Mine cost $100. It took 2 weeks and I had to get a passport photo at Kinko’s. There is no way in hell I am giving Eros my identification. When it comes down to it, it’s a business run by a bunch of tards in black with body piercings. Anyone who’s done business with them can tell you that they aren’t a sophisticated business. The minute the DA comes knocking, they’ll roll over and hand out every ID on file.

      I’m on TER and it sucks because “hobbyists” suck, but I do get business from it. Some guys see full-service escorts and also massage providers and fetish workers.

      Check out Max Fisch, collarplace (be prepared to shovel a ton of shit there), and fetlife. I’ve also gotten business on Craiglist “casual enounters” personals. The haters will flag your post eventually, but you’ll get sessions from time to time.

      Finally: you can contact a local escort agency and tell them to send you the BDSM weirdos their full-service girls don’t want to see, because they don’t understand fetish or have the equipment. Be very clear that you are fetish fantasy and roleplay ONLY. I have a booker and she gets me approx 1-2 sessions a week. These business guys are out of town for a conference or something and they take out the Yellow Pages late and night and call the escort agency because they don’t know any dommes and didn’t do their research beforehand.

      Hope this helps. But believe me: I’m with you, and the Backpage shutdown is going to really fuck with my money.

      1. Thanks SO much. I have a few follow up questions – If I order an ID to use for EROS, does my payment info (debit or credit card) to post an ad on there have to match the fake name? Seems like it would be a red flag if not. Not sure if they accept vanilla visa gift cards or bitcoin.

        (Please feel free to email me directly if you would rather respond privately)

        For TER, can you post a listing without accepting reviews/ratings? The thought of being reviewed on that site makes me feel ill!

        I’m on Fetlife and Collarspace, seems the guys on there aren’t looking to pay. Max Fisch appears defunct in terms of posting a new listing, the forums are open though.

        re: an agency, do they screen/vet the clients they send you, or do you have to do it? I would be a little scared of LE in a case like that.

        I appreciate your advice as all of us try to scramble. I hope a new alternative appears soon.

        1. EROS accepts Vanilla Visa and Greencard. I wouldn’t use it if they didn’t.

          I allowed ratings at TER as long as they specified that I was a fetish worker. Consequently, I only have a few of them, as the site is aimed towards escorts. My reviews are good, and I get 1-2 sessions from that.

          My escort agency screens all the clients. I get copies of their IDs and Linkdin profiles. It’s not a huge ton of business, but they send me a one or two a week. Like I said, it’s guys who don’t want full service, but have some kinky fantasy a lot of girls don’t want to do.

  2. I’m not sure if this is helpful or not, but as far as directories go there’s also the Boss Domina directory –
    And the Femme Fatale one –

    I’m not sure how much traffic they get, or how up to date they are, but they might be worth getting a listing on.

    The Slixa site also has a tab for kink/fetish providers, but it generally does seem very escort and full service driven, so might not be ideal.

    The Max Fisch directory listing area does seem to be dead, but getting a client who is a member to post in the review section might be an idea. There’s not only the traffic that can immediately generate, but I know people (including myself) also use the search function in the review section to find people by name or suggestions for a particular city. The reviews there also seem to be healthier and less creepy than TER (although there are obviously exceptions).

    The backpage change is terrible. They seemed to be winning their court cases and then threw in the towel. Maybe the thought of the new administration coming in was the final straw?


  3. Dear Miss Margo,

    Glad you are back. I hope your brainwashing at rehab was benevolent and helpful.
    We can all use a light rinse from time to time.

    I am bummed about backpage too. Liberals can be such insufferably self-righteous


  4. This backpage shutdown is a bunch of bs. It’s messing with my money big time. Here in Vegas everyone is just posting their ads up in the “dating/personals” section. The customers haven’t caught on so quickly though…

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